Ninad Pathak

Ninad Pathak

Python fpdf Module – Beginners Guide

Python Fpdf Module

Let’s say you are building an application and you want to create functionality by which users can download their data locally to their system. The most suitable file format that you can give for downloading can be a PDF. PDF…

Numpy Argmax – Explained with Examples

Argmax Python Png

One of the important metrics that is ubiquitous in analysing data is the maximum. Knowing this measure is critical in multiple aspects of machine learning. One such aspect would be to foresee the bias in the results that a maximum…

Read_CSV Delimiters Using Pandas

Pandas Read CSV Delimiters Png

Python can be such a blessing for analyzing data, but it ain’t a single source repository of all information there is. This information extracted in the form of datasets is to be sourced from elsewhere and is to be transferred…

Top 23 Best Themes For Android

Best Themes For Android

Are you looking for the best themes for Android? If yes, then this article is for you. Nowadays everyone is dependent on their mobile phone like never before. It is not just the device anymore. It is an accessory. You…

25 Best PPSSPP Games for Android in 2023

PSP Games For Android Jpg

Are you looking for the best PPSSPP Games on Android? If yes! You are at the right place. PlayStation brought a predominant revolution in the gaming community. The games released on PlayStations have dropped a momentous impression on gamers. Developers…