Top 25 Best Strategy Games for Android

Are you in search of the best strategy games for Android? If yes, you are at the right place. In this article, we explore the 25 best strategy games for Android. Professionals picked and reviewed games that you anticipate to offer you the best strategy-making.

Review of Top 25 Best Strategy Games for Android in 2021

Brace yourself and join us as we explore 25 strategy games and find the best one for you.


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XCOM is one of the best-found strategy games on the Google Play Store. This game indulges superior decision-making and strategic planning. In this game, players are on a mission to save earth from aliens. Aliens would be invading earth to take control over it.

As a player, here you would have to control your team. In this strategy game, you can find several lethal and modern-age weapons. Apart from that, as you are playing as a leader leading the team, you would have complete navigation control.

2. Battle of Polytopia – A Civilization Strategy Game

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It is another best turn-based strategy game. Although this game is not as immersive as XCOM, the playing levels indulge you in making powerful strategies. The player here has to play as a king who is on a quest to win and expand the empire.

There would be evil tribes with whom you need to combat and win to claim your throne. Every strategy that you create in this game involves critical thinking, as situations in this game are unique. Moreover, it is a decent game with a good balance, secure handling, and monotonous strategies.

3. Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is an excellent game involving real-time strategy making. Apart from that, it is a multi-player game. Thus, users here can play in teams and strategize plans to defeat rivals. As you play as a team, you can connect with your friend using Wi-Fi to communicate with them.

This game also demands internet connectivity to run. Coming back to the game format, this is a war game where players have to combat with rivals by collecting cards. This game has easy-to-handle features, and users can also design teams strategically.

4. Civilization Revolution 2

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It is another most successful online strategy game that you can find for your Android device. As the former game in the list, you also need to play like a king. You have to combat opponents to create your empire and expand it.

The player here can also invade other capitals and capture them to showcase their dominance. While playing this game, users have to make several strategies to collect gold and win capital. To rule the gaming world, you have to implement 100% of your tactical knowledge.

5. ROME – Total War

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It has captured the interest of several Android users. The game is from 270 BC so it will take you to that era. The player in Rome has to take control of their roman family and win several obstacles. There are two distinct options for gameplay here. It includes real-time tactical battle and turn-based strategy campaigns.

Players in this game have to fight with rival troops by employing complex strategies. Players in Rome can enjoy the fight and action like real-time wars. There are also many trademark weapons from the ancient past, which you can use to defeat your opponent.

6. Clash of Clans

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This popular game has a robust fan base in the world. It is an online strategy game that includes turn-based strategy making. The player here in this game will play as a village chief who creates its undefeatable army by defeating other clans in rival.

After winning the battle, the winner will collect wealth to augment the village and strengthen the army. The village chief here will also train the troop to make them invincible. Players can also have friendly fights to test efficiency. Upgrading to every next level also increases the troop strength.

7. Hearthstone

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HearthStone is a game that moves you into a domain of fantasy. Like every other strategy game, you would also have to fight with your rivals. Every player, including rivals, has a health bar. If you are playing this game, you have to ensure that your opponent’s health bar is going down to zero.

There are many powerful cards that you can collect. It will help you make your deck stronger and defeat your challengers easily. The game overall has thrilling real-time challenges that demand robust strategy making.

8. The Escapists 2 – Pocket Breakout

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The Escapists 2 is a super thrilling game with several mentionable strategies. Players here have to escape from jail using several complex strategies. There would be tight security at every stage to which escaping would be a real challenge.

You can play this game solo and attempt escape solo, or else you can also play it with your friend and attempt escaping with your mates. There are many needful accessories in this game that help you escape easily. You have to buy or exchange to access these weapons and tools.

9. Mushroom Wars 2 – War Strategy Game & RTS Battle

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It is another superb game that involves turn-based strategy making. In this game, a player has to play as a leader, leading the team of tiny mushrooms. The objective is quite simple in this game. Users have to gain control over all opponents to prove their dominance.

While attacking the rivals, you can strategize your unique efficiency to beat the rivals. This game demands may seem easy, but it needs intellectual plan making. You can also train your troops against any special abilities. You can enjoy this online and offline, which is a great feature.


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PUBG or Battle Ground Mobile India is one of the most prevalent and most played games all over the globe. Most gaming enthusiasts are quite crazy about the game. Like any other game, this also demands strategy-making. You have to play along with your team to defeat your opponents in this game.

You have to make strategies so that you can defeat rivals swiftly. The game offers you several advanced weapons to defeat your opponents. In India, this game is famous as BGMI, whereas, in the rest of the world, you can find it as PUBG.

11. The Banner Saga

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It is a turn-based strategy game that is quite similar to other games on this list. As in former games, here the player has to play as a leader; who is on a mission to save his people. Users have to manage every resource and make strategic decisions to save people.

If you wish to survive in this game, you need to gather the best followers backing you. You can also feel the thrill of this game while combating rivals. Apart from the action, the Banner saga also has a great storyline to explore.

12. Megapolis – City Building Simulator. Urban Strategy

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This is a game famous for its city-building strategy. Here you have to play as the head of a construction project and build the city from scratch. In this game, the players need to have a design and plan-making efficiency. The sole objective of this game is to plan and construct the best urban city.

Playing this game is a lot more exciting. Users can enjoy making buildings and several monuments. There are also many other exciting levels that you have never imagined. This game also lets you develop your team to create a city.

13. Lords Mobile – Tower Defense

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If you wish to play an ultimate strategy-making game, then this might be the right one for you. An interesting story behind the game lets you immerse yourself within it. The storyline starts with the first emperor’s death, and you have to save your land from opponents.

Players here can create their own mighty empire and build an army to defeat rivals. Defending the kingdom is quite funny that you can find in this game. Players can also find many epic battles to win their kingdom back.

14. Sandbox – Strategy & Tactics-WW2 Strategy War Games

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This is a game based on the time of World Wars. You have to play as a leader leading the biggest army to defeat your opponent. However, this game requires critical strategy-making to control the European army. Playing this game enhances your skills and lets you showcase or presence of mind on the battlefield.

From the start of this game, you will achieve an accurate map of Asia and Europe, following which you have to make moves. There are more than 950 regions and 39 nations that the user can explore and evade using the map.

15. Pirates of the Caribbean – ToW

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Players who are enthusiasts about pirates can find this game interesting. This is a strategy game where you have to play and use strategy just like captain Jack Sparrow. Using your efficiency, you have to make every pirate’s dream come true. You will lead from the front and create your own clan in this game. You can recruit more pirates to expand your forces. There are times when you have to battle with several monsters to win a stage. This game has a sole objective: keeping the dominance in the sea. So, you will play as a pirate to keep the dominance consistent.

16. World Conqueror 3 – WW2 Strategy

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World conqueror 3 is a war game that demands strategy-making to defeat opponents. As the name says, this game is from World War III. The developers of this game have moved a step further to bring you a great gaming environment. Users can find three different levels in this game.

It includes an easy, moderate, and hard level that challenges your skills. There are more than 150 military tasks that players have to complete in a time frame. Every level in this game has 45 challenges with five modes that users need to complete. You can complete all tasks to trade with your merchants. Every level, however, demands critical thinking and strategy-making.

17. World at Arms

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It is another war and military game available on the Google Play Store. The game allows you to complete the levels to strengthen your army team and win against opponents. However, the stages in this game not only demand action. Rather, it demands strategies to engage.

You will play along with your team to achieve control against the KRA group. You can also address this game as a world war simulation game. The visual effects are quite good in this game, accompanied by an immersive sound. Users here can customize the gameplay and build their own military base. Several mystical levels also increase the interest in playing the game.

18. Tower Defense – Toy War

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This is a unique game where players have to collect cards to move on to a higher game level. Around two million players are playing this game. It is a mysterious land where players have to survive a war strike protecting artifacts and treasures. Playing this game requires strategy-making and combating skills to win over opponents. Further, as it is a toy war, your team would have different types of toys. It includes Vehicles from GB, USA, and USSR. Overall, this game has good graphics and sound effects that help you immerse yourself in the game.

19. Rise of Kingdoms – Lost Crusade

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This is a game that doubles the action with kingdom war. The player here would be led by the mighty leader Ragnarok who aims to conquer the whole world. You have to play as scouts who report Vikings. The graphics of this game is good and offers you a real-time battling experience.

You can join a live battle on a map at any time. But as the genre of this game, it demands strategies to win against opponents. There are 12 unique civilizations whom you can represent. Rise of Kingdoms is quite a decent game for critical thinking.

20. War Commander – Rogue Assault

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War Commander is a multiplayer game with the best-ever video graphics. There are many methods to move to the higher levels and upgrade your military forces. As a war strategy game, the game demands critical thinking and presence of mind.

In this game, users will get access to several robust weapons. It includes rifles, heavy guns, rhino tanks, and many more. You can employ your tactics to win real-time wars. There are two types of combatting modes available in this game. It includes individual combatting mode and player against player combatting mode.

21. King of Battles – War and Strategy Game

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King of Battles is a war and strategy game with amazing graphics and gameplay. You will play as a diplomat here. This is quite unique compared to any other war game. As a diplomat, you can make strategies to team up with strong alliances. There are four civilizations with whom you can play.

It includes American, Asian, Arabian, and European. Apart from that, you can also play as a warlord who selects and trains his own troop to defeat another army. There are also several puzzles to solve for moving forward in the game. Players here can also show their administrative skills by leading cities.

22. Kingdoms Glory

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This is also another similar game compared to the former one. You have to choose your civilization and start playing as a wise lord from the very beginning. The storyline of this game starts with the Stone Age, and you have to lead them to middle age. While leading, you can witness several conflicts between other civilizations.

Kingdoms Glory offers you advanced buildings, elite soldiers, and ammunition to fight with your opponents. Strategies are an imperative part of this game. You have to make strategies to seize other territories with the help of your allies. Thus, if you love war and kingdom games, this could be a great choice.

23. Boom Beach

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Boom Beach is a game where you have to defeat an evil blackguard. The blackguards have brains and strategies. Thus, you need to employ strategies to defeat them easily. As a player in Boom beach, your objective would be to free an island that has been enslaved and captured.

You can create a task force in this game to win against your opponents. Apart from strategies, Boom beach offers you several tools and ammunition to fight. There are millions of players whom you can join and play globally. There are also precious resources to control your battle and save yourself from an enemy strike.

24. Guns of Glory – The Iron Mask

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This is another historical strategy game that you can play. The game’s storyline says that an evil king has attacked the kingdom you are in. He, along with his allies, has captured the kingdom.

However, you are a prison deep in the bowels. You have to use strategies to escape the prison and regain control over the kingdom. You cannot complete the task alone that’s why you need to create a team and fight against the evil king.

25. Command & Conquer – Rivals™ PVP

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You have to play this game as a commander; it is another military war game indulging high-class and intense action. You have to control the army and defeat your opponent by a striking war against them. However, you have to use several strategies to join allies and capture the army base while fighting. You can use several ammunitions like infantry tanks, aircraft, and guns. The game also has great visuals to enjoy while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best free strategy game for Android?

All the above-listed games in this editorial are the best strategy games. However, some of the most prominent names include:
The Battle of Polytopia
Clash Royale
Civilization Revolution 2
Rome: the total war

2. What is the best real strategy game for Android?

The real best strategy game for Android is XCOM. The tactics and the strategies that users have to invest in this game are brainstorming. So, XCOM is one of the best real strategy games that you find.

3. What is the number 1 strategy game?

Battle Ground Mobile India/PUBG is the number one strategy game of all time. The real graphics, along with team play, help users to develop real-time strategies to defeat rivals.

4. Is there any game like Civilization for Android?

Yes! There is a game like civilization for Android. It is prevalently known as Civilization Revolution 2. The users have to play as a legendary leader who aims to build his empire.

5. What are the best strategy games in the Play store?

Play Store has a plethora of games that offer strategy gaming. You can find several strategy games. Apart from that, all the games mentioned in the above list are also the best ones.

6. Do strategy games consume more battery?

It depends on the size and graphics of the games. Some games have high-end graphics; these games will consume and drain more battery of your smartphone. However, many games in this list are also lightweight and consume minimal battery power.

7. Do strategy games polish the brain?

Strategy games involve making strategies and planning for winning a game level. It improves your decision-making skill. So, yes! You can say that strategy games polish your brain.


These are the best 25 strategy games that you need to play. Playing these games will enhance your decision-making skill and make you sharp. Now that you know the best 25, choose the one that fascinates you. We hope this article about the 25 best strategy games for Android is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media, if you find it helpful for you in any manner.

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