Arulius Savio

Arulius Savio

Python Keywords – Simply Explained!

Python Keywords

Some words in each language are taboo to be used in the mainstream. These words rarely come by unless you are amidst a hostile situation. These kinds of words in programming are called Keywords. What do they mean? The words…

How to Use Python map() Function?

Python Map

What if you do not fancy the for loop, but would like to run iterations on an input? Is there a way around doing that in Python? Seems there is! Enter the map( ) function. This function effectively loops over…

Numpy arctan2: Find element-wise arctan of x1/x2

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Hello! In this tutorial, we will learn about the arctan function and the numpy arctan2 function which gives element-wise arc tangent of x1/x2 choosing the quadrants correctly. Also read: Python if…else Conditional Statement (With Examples) What is the arctan or…