Arulius Savio

Arulius Savio

Python Docstrings – Simply Explained!

Python Docstrings

Coding is a language that is a tad bit alienated compared to all the languages that humans use to communicate with each other. Though the codes are run by machines, their development and maintenance usually fall within the hands of…

An Introduction to Python Comments

Python Comments

Looking at pages of codes can sometimes be exhaustive for an average human. After all, code is just a language used to make machines understand our requirements. Being someone who often finds out of depth when the core language skills…

A Detailed Guide on Python Identifiers

Python Identifiers

Programming like any game has its own set of rules and guidelines within which the participants should play. Anything outside shall be disqualified with an error. Thereby, it is imperative that one understands what identifiers in Python are. This article…