Top 5 Node.js Books Which You Should Read

Top 5 Nodejs Books to Read

There are tons of content about Node.js and we cover most of them on our blog. However, there are some excellent piece of write up packages as book by smart people. Being an Author, I read tons of books and mostly technical ones. In this article, I am covering top 5 books related to Nodejs.

The ranking is based on:

  • Popularity
  • Topics covered
  • Range of examples and tutorials

So here are top 5 Nodejs books.

  • Practical Node.js by Azat Mardan.
  • Node.js Design Pattern Second Edition.
  • Mastering Node.js.
  • Getting Mean with Mongo Express Angular and Node.
  • Pro MERN.

Let’s look at them in brief.

Practical Node.js by Azat Mardan

Azat Mardan is a speaker, author and technology fellow at Capital one. He is very well known and knowledgeable person in Node.js domain. He has authored various books and Practical Node.js
is one of the bestseller in Amazon.

You can learn more about the Azat Mardan in this interview.

Practical Node.js is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Practical Node.js provides step by step guide to build scalable read world web application using Node.js. Practical Node.js is also not for beginners but intermediate level readers.

This book covers full stack web development along with the mention of every necessary tool and kits you might need during the development of scalable Node.js web application.

Check it out on Amazon

Node.js Design Pattern Second Edition

This is by far my favorite book in tech domain. Authors of this books done a great job to write very useful content. This book actually inspired me to author book by my own.

A design pattern is an essential part of the quality code. Since JavaScript is a dynamic language, it is hard to enforce single best design pattern. There are transpilers like CoffeeScript, typescript which enforces specific design patterns.

This book covers all design patterns along with example which you can use to write quality code in Node.js. I highly recommend you to buy this book.

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Mastering Node.js

Node.js is built for scaling and distribution. While we lean towards MEAN Stack and popular Nodejs module like Express, we put less focus on core concepts of Node.js such as streams, child processes, clustering, events etc.

I did this too. I learned about Express first and then basics of Node.js because setting up the new app using Express is super easy. But you must learn core concepts, it will help you to think better and design good scalable systems.

Mastering Node.js is one of those books which cover these core concepts. It covers child process and their communication protocol, streams (very important), clustering and other key components of Node.js such as Buffers, Event loop etc.

I recommend you to learn about these concepts and buy this book.

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Getting Mean with Mongo Express Angular and Node

Mean Stack developer is still in demand and lots of startups is been built on this stack. This book covers complete stack including Nodejs, ExpressJS, MongoDB, and AngularJS in detail.

If you are looking for some good resource, to begin with MEAN stack development then Getting Mean is a good choice!

Check it out on Amazon

Pro MERN Stack

MERN stands for Mongo, Express, React and Node. This book covers full stack development using ReactJS as front end library instead of Angular. React is getting Top 5 Nodejs Books to read

This book covers React in great detail. It also covers web app, Redux and react router to build efficient MERN stack app.

Check it out on Amazon

I hope you like our top 5 nodejs books list. I did read them so if you have any questions, please ask in comment.

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