Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn

Nick Diakopoulos in collaboration with IEEE spectrum compiled the list of top 10 programming languages you should learn. The ranking of the programming language was based on 12 metrics compiled from 10 sources. Some sources are Google, Github and IEEE xplore.

According to the result here is the top 10 programming languages of all platform (mobile,web,desktop,embedded).

top 10 programming langauage
Top 10 programming langauage IEEE spectrum

First Position : Java

Love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it. This line seems very suitable to Java Programming language. Many developers around the global hate Java due to it’s long syntax and complexity of codes. However, due to the magic of ‘bytecode‘ this language bypass the dependencies of platform and can be used at almost any computing platform.

Still if developer find a day when they don’t have to deal with java, this is how they feel.

No Java today

Second Position : C programming Language

C is one of the first high level programming language. C is powerful, robust, foundation of many popular programming language such as C++, Java etc. C is developed by Dennis Ritchie in At & T labs. It was built on a time when Normal people need to understand what is the computer first before jumping to something called ‘programming‘.

I think the reason why it is on second position is due to the less support to the web. Well we all know ‘Web‘ is the future.

Third Position :  C Plus Plus.

C++ is a ‘C with classes‘. It’s very powerful object oriented programming language developed as successor of C. It is widely used in ‘Game programming‘ and various areas. It is secured as third position on top 10 programming languages list. It deserve to be so !

Fourth Position : Python

Python is rich, general purpose, high level programming language which supports multiple programming paradigms such as procedural,object oriented. What i mean by rich is that, python has so many libraries already built up which speed up your development process.

Python is used in research area a lot, some of the popular web projects such as YouTube (entirely on Python), Google (some part on python) using python.

Python has very popular web framework called ‘django‘ which makes python tough competitor to other web frameworks.

Fifth Position : C Sharp.

C# is high level programming language developed by Microsoft. It comes under .NET framework. C# is general purpose, rich and supports various computing devices. It is widely used in Application development.

Sixth Position : PHP.

PHP is high level interpreted programming language developed for web projects. It is widely used in Web development. If IEEE consider only Web to be the matric then i am confident that PHP would be at position 1.

Some of the popular web projects such as Facebook uses PHP as core language. PHP supports Object oriented paradigm as well. It is rank as 6th among top 10 programming languages.

Seventh Position : JavaScript.

JavaScript is client end scripting language developed by Netscape. JavaScript is becoming popular day by day in Web development zone and since the invention of Node, it is something you should learn ASAP. Some of popular Libraries such as jQuery, angularJS and NodeJS pull up the JavaScript at 7th position of top 10 programming languages.

Eight Position : Ruby.

Ruby is Object oriented, dynamic programming language. It is used by many research organisation. Ruby on rails is one of the popular web framework. Twitter  use this framework.

Ninth Position : R programming language.

R is statistical programming language designed for doing analysis on large amount of data. Most of the ‘Machine Learning‘ experiments used to perform on R programming language. Since it’s not general purpose language and not used widely it is rank at 9th position of top 10 programming languages.

Tenth Position : MATLAB.

Matlab is programming language with rich set of libraries to perform image processing, analysis and enhancement. it is widely used in image processing area. It is one of the tough languages i found to learn. Yes tougher than Java !




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