Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta

Build a CRUD API in Node.js

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API stands for Application Programming Interface that acts as a bridge between two systems such as a client and server in order to perform various operations on data. The client i.e the system which uses API can request different data…

NodeJS MongoDB Create Collection

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A Collection is used to store one or many MongoDB documents. A Collection is similar to a table in a relational database. A relational database such as MySQL database has multiple tables to store different kinds of data similarly a…

NodeJS MongoDB Create Database

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MongoDB is a NoSQL database that can store a large amount of unstructured data. Data stored in MongoDB are easy to retrieve as it can hold them in flexible formats depending upon the need such as graphs, key values, documents,…

NodeJS MySQL Delete Record

NodeJS MySQL Delete Record

To Delete records from a MySQL table, the SQL query can be used. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and can be used to perform different operations on MySQL databases. The below query is used to delete existing records from…

NodeJS Punycode: A Complete Guide

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Punycode is an encoding syntax representing Unicode using ASCII characters. Punycode can be helpful in transforming the UTF-8 string to ASCII.  UTF-8 is a standard universal encoding used worldwide, it is used to process, store and interchange text data on…