Top 15 Best Programming Languages for Hacking

If you’re interested in becoming a hacker, you may be wondering which programming languages will be most helpful in your career. While hacking can be illegal, ethical hacking or white-hat hacking involves using hacking techniques to find bugs and vulnerabilities in enterprises, businesses, or platforms in order to help them avoid potential threats.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the 15 best programming languages for hacking. However, we would like to caution you to always obtain the necessary permissions before hacking using these high-tech languages. With that said, let’s get started.

1. Python


It is one of the top languages for hacking and programming. As this language is widely used in almost every platform development, hackers also need to learn this language. Python always stands at the top, whether it is for testing software or checking the robustness of any corporate program. The primary reason ethical hackers use this language is that it is interpreted. That implies; it doesn’t require any type of compilation. Further, it is also an easy-to-learn language and is helpful for newbie ethical hackers.

Besides, Python is a general-drive language for programming that is increasingly employed in the field of hacking to change writing. Users and ethical hackers can especially use it to change any part of the script, hack the complete script, or make any malicious program. Python also has an immense community that empowers daily to witness several new plugins. As said earlier, Python is an easy-to-read programming language, which makes it more accessible for novice hackers.

2. SQL


SQL stands for structured query language. It is another language that is a hot favorite amongst ethical hackers. It is a programming language that gets deployed to extract information from any database. Like several other programming languages or programs, this language helps hackers extract credential information. Ethical hackers also announce SQL as the best programming language for hacking any corporate data structure.

However, if you are an ethical hacker aspiring to use SQL for hacking, you need to completely understand SQL. Without complete knowledge of SQL, you can merely counteract any sort of database attack. Apart from that, SQL is never a traditional programming language. It only gets deployed for hacking any program based on SQL injection. Several black hat hackers also use SQL.

Data interaction is recommendable in SQL. Ethical hackers with in-depth knowledge of SQL can bring more changes to the script. You can also know which tools to use to access control over the complete script. Generally, SQL is more deployed by hackers for hacking web apps.

You can also get access to the immense database using SQL. Users who are counterattacking a database also must have a precise understanding of SQL. So, no doubt SQL is a needed language for hackers. SQL injections also assist hackers in accessing and altering any confidential information in the database.

3. C


C is the golden standard of new-age programming languages, so it is no wonder that it gets widely utilized in the security business. When it comes to accessing low-level hardware devices like RAM, C’s low-level nature gives it an advantage over other hacking computer languages.

Security experts largely use this language to modify system hardware and resources at a lower level. Penetration testers can also use C to develop lightning-fast socket programming programs. C is easy to learn, and most programmers learn it during their initial coding stage. C is also a traditional language that offers a reverse mechanism of attacking any program. What makes it preferable amongst hackers is most of the new-age programs and OS like windows come developed with C. This allows hackers to get an easy access point.

In most cases, hackers use the C programming language to access the hardware information and resources and manipulate them as per convenience. Components such as RAM can get manipulated using the language C. With in-depth knowledge of C, hackers can also easily find an overview of the operating system’s structure. C in the field of hacking is extensively used for creating shellcodes rootkits and creating key loggers that are hard to detect.

4. JavaScript


After the recent development of Node JS, JavaScript has successfully taken over the role of PHP. Thus, in recent times, JavaScript has become the most popular language for developers and hackers. It is easy to hack into web applications using JavaScript. Some ethical hackers imitate black hat hackers and expose their writing of cross-site scripts using JS. This coding language offers seamless hacking.

JavaScript is a precise language for hacking several complex web apps, and it is also useful to simulate the DOM of the browser. This coding language for hacking is also efficient enough to manipulate front-end web platforms. Many ethical hackers use this to imitate attacks on the server side and prevent professional hacking. Further, JavaScript is built using cross-platform desktop programs, hackers can deploy it for buffer overflow and stack overflow.

Java Script is a handy language to learn if you want web hacking. Hackers can easily hack into web applications using JS. Apart from that, JavaScript easily helps hackers to find out all the vulnerabilities in web apps and exploit them. Most web app developers also use the JavaScript library to create web apps.

Hackers using JavaScript can also get information about saved cookies. Hackers extensively use it to create cross-site scripting for hacking. Spreading out malware or reproducing it is also seamless using JavaScript.

5. PHP


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a dynamic programming language that is used to create current content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. This is because; these CMSs get used by most personal websites on the internet. However, a thorough understanding of PHP is necessary to compromise such networks. So, if a web hack is your thing, a professional will strongly advise you to brush up on your PHP abilities.

PHP is also extensively used for server-side scripting. This makes it preferable for ethical hackers. There are several websites that you can find built around deploying older versions of PHP. Manipulating them a little will offer you an entry point easily. As mentioned earlier, PHP is a programming language that gets used to hack small-scale websites and personal web platforms. 

Besides, PHP as a server-side programming language gets deployed to create several websites. So, better knowledge of PHP can let hackers create and analyze more web hacking techniques. Using PHP, hackers can also create a customized application that will target needed web servers and make them more prone to attacks.

PHP is also employed in several web domains. This empowers all ethical hackers to compete against attackers and stop the attacks. Several prevalent CMS systems render on a PHP base. Thus, it remarkably helps you protect and compromise the security of websites.

6. C++


One of the greatest scripting languages for hacking business software is probably Python. This is because; most business software gets licensed under a proprietary license and frequently needs activation payment; hackers must use reverse engineering to get around it. C++ gives you the low-level access you need to inspect machine code and get around activation schemes.

Learning C++ should be your top goal if you want to breach business software or create proprietary hacking applications. Several security engineers and ethical hackers from several parts of the globe use this programming language for hacking any corporate software. Apart from that, C++ as a language also comes object-oriented in nature.

This helps ethical hackers hack any modern-day programs; this language also has a high-level polymorphism feature. This lets hackers write several metamorphic computer viruses.

On the other side, C++ is a language that aids hackers in all sorts of business applications. You must be well aware that business-oriented programs come qualified under a proprietary license. All these licenses require a paid activation. In such cases, all the hackers need to know reverse engineering to get access to such applications. C++ helps hackers in eliminating all such activation methods. That implies; you can gradually break into business software easily.

7. Java


Java is yet the most prevalent programming language in the domain. It harnesses the power of several modern-day web servers. Several web servers like Spring MVC and Apache tomcat are a part of Java. With the evolution of Android, Java is now a dominating programming language on more than three billion devices.

If you are digging for one of the most helpful languages for hacking, then a professional would suggest this programming language. Like a former programming language, this coding language gets extensively employed by hackers to reverse engineer any paid program. Java is also a highly reliable programming language for testing and penetrating any scalable servers or enterprise software. Ethical hackers who want to use this for penetration/ hacking need to have an in-depth knowledge of Java.

Java is widely used for creating backdoor exploits. Hackers globally also use Java to commence identity theft and make botnets access control over a program. Several malicious activities on the client’s undetected system can be done using Java. Hacking into a smartphone is also easy using Java. Using Java Payload in the victim’s smartphone, deploying social engineering can help you access the smartphones.

8. Ruby


Ruby is quite close in syntax to Python. It is one of the greatest programming languages for breaking multi-purpose corporate systems. Even though both languages are excellent at automating basic hacking programs, Ruby is more web-oriented. Due to its increased versatility for building vulnerabilities, Ruby is undoubtedly one of the greatest programming languages for hacking.

This is why Ruby was chosen as the basic language of Metasploit; the most well-known penetration testing framework. For hackers who want to learn the basics and become a pro in the art of writing effective exploits, Ruby is a helpful language. Ruby borrows a lot of its syntax from another language. This makes it easy to learn for beginners. Many next-gen web platforms are developed using Ruby. Thus, learning it would be easy for hackers to break into any web server.

Ruby has an alike syntax to Python. It is also largely web-oriented. It makes Ruby handy for all the hackers who want to get easy control over web apps. Using Ruby, attackers can easily create small and big scripts which they use to exchange bash scripting.

9. Perl


Despite popular belief, Perl codebases still make up a significant share of corporate tools. Besides the fact that this hacker programming language has lost its presence over time, Perl still gets used in many ancient systems. This is still one of the greatest programming languages for breaking into such ancient devices because it was the go-to option for constructing legacy Unix software.

Perl will get used by a linguist hacker to create various aspects of his hacking programs, such as vulnerabilities, payloads, and backdoors. Perl is the only available language that you can use for manipulating any text file. Hackers can also create an extensive range of programs to use several systems for hacking purposes. Mastering Perl will be helpful for hackers if they want to hack any ancient system.

Apart from that, Perl helps users to create excellent tools for easily hacking into any program and exploiting it. The texts come written in manipulative Linux text files that can exploit the databases. Most web databases come integrated with Perl. So, no doubt it would be helpful for you.

10. LISP


LISP is one of the most famous hacking programming languages. It was the go-to answer for old-school hackers looking for creative solutions to software issues. Although its popularity has weakened due to its fairly complex program code and the rise of more verbose languages like Python and Ruby, people who know LISP are highly regarded in the hacker community.

It’s the perfect programming language for breaking into complex networks, and it’ll help you gain notoriety among your peers. LISP is a programming language that is completely machine-independent. Hackers can create their own hacking program with LISP without even thinking about the architecture. It allows users to direct implementation in any type of system. LISP is also advantageous for developers, as they can find real-time bugs in any program.

LISP is usually more of a hacker’s programming rather than a commercial language. Several hackers use LISP to create solutions to achieve access to any database or program. LISP also offers hackers a structure to hack into any program.

11. Bash


Bash may not be quite a full-fledged computer program, but it’s a must-have programming language if you want to learn to hack. Bash is the primary command interface in most UNIX systems, and UNIX is the foundation of every major server. Bash will come in handy when you’ve acquired network access using various hacking apps to manipulate the system.

It’s like the cherry on top of all current hacking programs, and it’s a must-have for security buffs. Bash lets hackers automate several hacking programs and penetrate enterprise software without much hassle. Bash is also perfect for superior and complicated scripts. However, before deploying it for your hacking purpose, you must learn everything about it.

Bash is a programming language that hackers should not miss! Bash is more powerful when you integrate it with the Python program. Hackers can make Bash fully operational on the payloads and exploit the same.

12. Assembly


Assembly is considered to be the greatest scripting language for hacking simple systems. It is one of the most potent yet difficult-to-learn hacking languages. Assembly’s ability to easily alter low-level system operations makes it ideal for designing rapid and effective hacking tools.

It is also the most acceptable programming language for creating malicious software like viruses and Trojans. As a result, if you can persevere through the high learning curve, the end result will be rewarding for you. Assembly has all the potential that any high-level programmer needs to penetrate any enterprise and check its endurance.

The hacker employing this language can directly get access to the architectural level. It is also the preferred language for developing any computer virus. Users can easily create high-level computer viruses using Assembly.

Assembly helps hackers to exploit the systems directly from the architectural level. It is precise to create several programs and malware. Viruses and Trojans can also get made from Assembly.

13. Scheme


Scheme is one of the two primary dialects of LISP that gets still frequently used in the business. It is one of the most useful programming languages for modifying ancient LISP programs. Scheme is a general-purpose programming language that supports a variety of hacking paradigms, such as functional and imperative programming.

So, if you’re in a hustle and want to put together a clean and tidy hacking program for your next target, Scheme might come in handy. Scheme targets functional programming. It also targets recursive algorithms in the program; this makes it an easy choice for any advanced hacking program. The language is much more extensible for hackers. This means hackers can develop several asynchronous software easily.

The scheme is more useful when you are using it to impersonate any individual on social media. Thus, it is more exploitable for hackers to hack into web apps. With Scheme, hackers can also create malicious programs to make any web app vulnerable.

14. Lua


Lua is a simple programming language that can work on practically any embedded system. The language is quick and has a basic but strong C API that empowers security experts to create prospective hacking programs to get into such power systems.

As a result, it is the finest programming language for breaking into systems that operate on embedded hardware. This hardware includes wearables, smart TVs, and various other Internet of Things devices. You need to be able to breach these devices as a competent, ethical hacker. Lua, in such cases, is essential for you to learn. LUA is heavily deployed in every part of the domain. This makes it seamless for ethical hackers to penetrate any system enterprise.

Lua is a programming language that gets more employed for hacking into any game context. LUA, along with Python, is more powerful to exploit. Lua is extensively used in video game creation. Easiness to embed makes it a better choice. That is why many hackers use it for hacking into game contexts.

15. HTML


HTML is a must-have programming language on our list of the finest programming languages for hacking. Hyper Text Markup Language is the adhesive that holds the internet together. You wouldn’t be able to read and access this article if there was no HTML. As a result, you should be able to understand its significance. Furthermore, understanding HTML is not difficult.

Professional recommends that you must devote some time to learning the fundamentals of HTML. It will appear to be a crucial investment when it comes to curating more complicated hacking programs. HTML is also get deployed in creating advanced mobile and desktop solutions. Thus, learning it will easily help you break all those desktop and mobile solutions.

HTML is again good for hackers who want to hack into websites. You may not create malicious programs, Trojans and viruses using HTML; however, HTML gets largely employed in creating web apps. So, good knowledge can help you identify all types of exploits in a web app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best programming languages for hacking?

All the programming language that you see in this article is best for ethical hacking. However, some of the most indispensable names in this list include Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, C programming, and many more.

What is the most powerful programming language for hacking?

JavaScript is the most influential programming language for hacking and creating any platform. 

What are the top five programming languages for hacking?

The top five programming languages for hacking are as follows:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • C Programming
  • And PHP

Is C++ a good programming language for hacking corporate software?

Yes! C++ is a good programming language for hacking corporate software. Several enterprises use C++ to test their software after re-activation. Further, C++ also offers a linear level of access that is necessary for bypassing reverse technology.

What do hackers find in a programming language for hacking?

Hackers always search for a programming language that is faster to write. This makes them efficient for any new-age hacking.

Is Java a more acceptable programming language than C++ for hacking?

Yes! Java is a better programming language than C++ for hacking. It gets widely deployed by hackers for its reverse engineering approach. Most professionals/ethical hackers also use this language to find out a possible threat in a program.


Wrapping up, these are the top 15 languages that you must learn for hacking. Now that you know the top 15, you can choose the most suitable one to learn. However, learning all the languages and becoming a professional would be preferable if you wish to become an ethical hacker.

If you have any more recommendations, you can mention the same in the comment section below. You can also share this article with your community to expand your knowledge.

Note: For all readers who are reading this article, hacking is not legal and should not get supported. This article is purely for educational purposes.

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