Top 20 Best IoT Projects

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work. From home automation to smart cars, IoT technology is revolutionizing the way people interact with the world. As a tech enthusiast, you may be looking to start a new IoT project to make a difference and gain attention.

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing projects to choose from. In this article, we will give you an overview of the 20 best IoT projects that are worth investing your time in.

Review of Top 20 best internet of things projects to make

We will provide a brief description of each project and explain why they are worth pursuing. So, let’s get started!

1. IoT based Weather Recording System

IoT Based Weather Recording System

The first IoT project you must try working on is a weather recording system. The IoT-based weather recording system is an automated system that eliminates the need for manual weather reporting. It can be monotonous to evaluate the weather. However, this IoT-based project harnesses temperature, humidity, and sensors to record the weather. It uses the internet to offer weather insights.

This IoT project operates continually and sends all the data about the weather to the user using a microcontroller. It sends data to the web server by accessing the Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Users can also set a limit for any certain weather condition. When the limit temperature crosses, it sends alerts to the user. The most important feature of this weather recording system is it doesn’t demand human intervention to record the weather. However, to create this project, you need to know Arduino.

2. Touch-based Home Automation System

Touch Based Home Automation System

Home Automation is one of the most talked-about IoT projects. Several developers are already working on it, and you can also find several prototypes of home automation systems in the market. As the IoT works with almost every object connecting to the internet, you can also integrate them into your home appliances to make a smart home. This IoT project lets you control your home appliances using internet connectivity.

Take selected appliances that you wish to operate as IoT. It can be refrigerators, ACs, TVs, and other kitchen appliances. All you need to ensure is these devices have a microcontroller, built-in Wi-Fi, touch-sensing input pins, etc. If your appliances don’t have these components, you can always add them to your home appliances. You can use the Arduino ESP-32 microcontroller and integrate them into your appliances. You can also use a smartphone touchpad to make your appliances touch-based.

3. Facial Recognition Door with IoT 

Facial Recognition Door 

Think that you are standing in front of a door entrance, which automatically opens up after recognizing it. The operation is the same as when your smartphone opens up with face unlocking. Facial Recognition Door unlocks one such IoT project that you can work on. Working on these projects will make you feel that your science fiction will be true. All you need to get started is a door, smart sensors, a microcontroller, a camera, and Wi-Fi.

This project has a three-phase operation. It includes data gathering, where it collects the facial data of the end-user. The next phase includes a training recognizer, where the data collected trains the recognizer to identify the person. Then the last stage is facial recognition and unlocking. You can use an advanced camera with greater detection details if you want your door to be more secure. You also need to use Python code for data gathering.

4. Liquid Level Monitoring System with IoT

Liquid Level Monitoring System

This IoT project lets users know about the liquid level in a container, tank, or any other storage used for storing liquid. This IoT device can remotely check the liquid level by connecting to sensors. It also sends data using the internet over Wi-Fi connectivity. This IoT project has extensive applications in several industries. Businesses working with liquid, especially the chemical industry, can use it to monitor liquid levels.

It also helps detect a leak, as it sends alerts to the user with sudden decreases in the liquid level. You can set the time frame for increasing and decreasing of liquid level upon which this IoT object alerts you. You need to integrate conductive, ultrasonic, and float sensors. This project uses the ESP8266 WI-FI module and passes the data to the required platform over the internet; Float sensors will no doubt sense the liquid level.

5. Smart Garage Door with IoT

Smart Garage Door

Now you must come out of those times when you need to use huge electronic keys to unlock your garage door. This smart garage door is one such project that can replace the customary approach of opening the door. Instead, you can use your smartphone to access and unlock your garage door. The smart garage door is an IoT project that connects to your smartphone over the internet. With your commands, the sensors work to open and close the door. An application is also required to give input to the smart door.

Using the laser and voice command, you can also access the door. You can also integrate smart notifications to know whether your gate is opened or closed. Users who want to work on this IoT project can integrate IFTTT and make custom commands to operate it with Google’s AI. You can use the web server deployed in the raspberry PI to access and control the door.

6. IoT based Alarm Clock

IoT Based Alarm Clock

The alarm clock is one of the most imperative applications in human life. Both the traditional and smartphone alarm clocks are equally significant. However, this IoT-based alarm clock is a great alternative if you want more than just a wake-up alert. This IoT-based alarm clock project can enable you to even turn on the lights and illuminate the bathroom for your use. All your need to do is use some components with your traditional alarm clock. You can also use a smartphone to make a touch-based alarm.

When you use a smartphone to make an IoT-based alarm clock, you can use voice commands to attain several features. However, you need to integrate sensors, Wi-Fi, and microcontrollers to other appliances you wish to control with an IoT-based alarm. Connect the devices over the internet using Wi-Fi, and automate some tasks. With smart lighting integration, you can also adjust the brightness in your room.

7. IoT based Air Pollution Monitoring System

IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

This IoT project has the most demand in the world right now! With increasing pollution everywhere around the globe, you can use these IoT projects on every street and corner to let people realize and reduce pollution with awareness. This IoT project can track air pollution and the mixture of different gasses in the air and send them to web servers. It can also detect the flammable gas leak in the air to make people aware of a possible threat.

To create this IoT project, you need a particle matter detector, temperature sensor, gas sensor, humidity sensor, and a Wi-Fi module. This monitoring system can also detect air pollution around hospitals and educational institutions. When the particle matter detectors and gas sensors detect the gas and particles in the air, it collects those data and sends them to the web server. It also senses the heat produced due to the increase of any certain gas.

8. Night Patrolling Robot with IoT

Night Patrolling Robot

A night patrolling robot enhances your security at night and prevents all possible threats. This IoT project is a remarkable night patrolling robot with an advanced night vision camera. It runs and patrols over a pre-set path and detects anything suspicious. It sends the alert to the users through web servers. Besides only visioning, it also detects any suspicious sounds in the surroundings to alert the user.

This patrolling robot employs a 360-degree night vision camera that rotates all around to record and detect. The camera, with pre-set instructions, tries to detect the human face first. Then it sends the data to the nearby user using any IoT device. You have to use python language to make software for this project.

9. Smart Parking System with IoT

Smart Parking System

With an increasing number of vehicles, getting a space to park your vehicle is monotonous. It consumes a lot of time for the driver and leads them to pay a parking fine. In such cases, this IoT-based smart parking solution can let the drivers know the nearby parking spots and park their cars. The major objective of this smart parking system is to save fuel and cut unnecessary driving. This IoT project uses IR sensors to locate the free parking space.

This project also comes based on the Arduino board and employs infrared proximity sensors to find your space. The sensors can get integrated into a pole on the street; they will automatically connect with the car’s infotainment system or smartphone over the internet and direct you to the parking space nearby.

10. IoT based Health Tracking System

IoT Based Health Tracking System

The health industry in the recent generation has become tech-driven. Several feature-rich apps and devices monitoring chronic diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes can be found. Health is no doubt the most imperative belonging to humans. However, with increasing stress, humans are degrading their quality of life. Routine checkups are necessary for all individuals, but you can hardly find anyone getting a routine health checkup.

In such cases, this IoT-based health tracking system is a solution to all health problems. The IoT-based health monitoring system includes smart devices like phones, tablets, and other medical devices. You can use sensors to record body temperature, blood pressure, EEG, ECG, and the sugar level in the blood. After getting tracked, all this information gets transmitted to the cloud using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Then these data get evaluated by the doctors, and they offer medication based on the reports. 

11. IoT based Water Irrigation System

IoT Based Water Irrigation System

Agriculture is the next most imperative sector after health. The usage of advanced technology can benefit farmers and reduce losses. Farmers in almost all parts of the globe are always inefficient in tracking the moisture level of the farmland and supplying an adequate amount of water. This IoT-based water irrigation system is efficient enough to evaluate the moisture level in the agricultural land and supply water to environmental and climate conditions. 

To create this IoT-based irrigation system, you need an Arduino Microcontroller or 328p microcontroller. This Microcontroller will help you regulate the water supply to the field. Using this Microcontroller, you can also regulate the watering system using the app or webpage. You also need sensors that sense weather and liquid. When it rains, the irrigation system will automatically stop.

12. Traffic Management with IoT

Traffic Management With IoT

One of the biggest hassles in metropolitan cities is traffic. People often spend hours in traffic. With the increasing daily population, you can also find a rising number of vehicles. In such cases, managing traffic will be monotonous for human traffic controllers. This IoT-based traffic control system automates traffic movement and eliminates all traffic systems. This IoT-based project can be used in any traffic station on the streets. You need sensors, a night vision camera, Microcontroller, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth components to connect to smart devices.

When the sensors and camera senses movement paused in a traffic area, they would automatically change the signal in the opposite direction to keep the vehicles moving. You can use Wi-FI and Bluetooth to connect the traffic system to apps and control it from remote control rooms. This IoT-based traffic controlling system also connects with the ambulance and helps them get the quickest route where traffic flow can get regulated.

13. IoT Baby Monitoring Solution

IoT Baby Monitoring Solution

Looking after the babies while doing other domestic activities becomes monotonous for all mothers. It is when you are a mother to a newborn baby. Being a novice mother, you are also quite conscious about them; you would want to monitor every possible activity of them. This IoT-based advanced cradle system is a project that helps mothers have a look at their babies from any place. The device primarily includes a cry-detecting sensor that alerts the mother when the baby starts crying.

To create this IoT-based project, you will use all sensors. The sensors will help you detect the cradle’s temperature, moisture, humidity, and movement. You will also need a surveillance camera that keeps a close eye on the baby and shows it on a monitor. You can set predefined levels for different sensors. For example, when the temperature rises/drops from the level, you will get an alert on your smartwatch or smartphone. You can connect the camera to your app to monitor the baby all the time. You also need robust app development to alert you efficiently.

14. IoT based Garbage Monitoring System

IoT Based Garbage Monitoring System

Everyday living produces a lot of garbage. It becomes tedious for the states to manage the garbage. In such cases, the IoT-based garbage monitoring system will help the government clean the garbage more efficiently. The garbage monitoring systems will include smart and ultrasonic sensors to identify the level of garbage in every bin. These sensors will connect to all the IoT programs and notify the states about clearing out the garbage from those areas. 

There can be sensors to notify the garbage level in each bin, and you can also add a buzzer to notify the control room about picking up the garbage. All these sensors would get attached to community garbage bins not to get overfilled. You can also use any web development platform to create a page showing the garbage level. Each bin would also have Wi-Fi to send the data across.

15. IoT Street Light Tracking System

IoT Street Light Tracking System

Street light, as per research, consumes more than 19% of global energy. Streetlights are imperative during the night, but streetlights’ unnecessary usage and glowing consume energy. This street light IoT tracking system can help the controller and state save energy. This is a smart solution that you can start working on. The project will include smart street lights, sensors, and microcontrollers to control the lights. 

It will also sense humans and vehicles around it. Wi-Fi components and Bluetooth are also necessary to transmit the data to web pages and apps. You can use sensors to sense traffic movement around the street light and then to the Microcontroller to turn the street light on. Management can also check out faulty street lights, as sensors can alert the management. In this project, you must use LDR sensors and C programming to create an app.

16. IoT based Gas Pipe Leakage Detector

IoT Based Gas Pipe Leakage Detector

Gas pipe leakage detectors are an IoT-based project that is the most important need of industries. Gas leaks have taken several lives in the past. These gas pipe leaks needed to get identified to eliminate any overwhelming situations. Conventionally, gas pipe leakages are found using acoustic sensors. These sensors, along with a video camera, help users to know about the leakage.

However, the IoT in it can offer a better solution. This IoT-based robot can crawl open all the gas pipes to notify of any potential leaks and weak parts of the pipe. To create this robot, you need all types of sensors, most essentially the temperature and gas sensors. You will also need a night vision camera to detect the leak. Using an app, you can use a microcontroller and Wi-Fi to control the robot.

17. Smart IoT Baggage Tracker

Smart IoT Baggage Tracker

During airline travel, you can find maximum cases of baggage being lost. This IoT-based baggage tracker can help you find your bag seamlessly. Making this IoT-based bag tracker is quite easy. The bag will use sensors, trackers, and microcontrollers to send data to the mobile app user. It will use a board to integrate all components, such as Microcontroller, sensors, and Wi-Fi module.

The Microcontroller will also use the GSM module to help users connect with users seamlessly. The baggage tracker will send data about the location every minute to the users. You can use an advanced app to connect with the baggage. 

18. IoT based Flood Detection System

IoT Based Flood Detection System

This is a large-scale project that helps mankind to avoid huge losses. Most importantly, it helps a nation to save its economy. Early flood detection will help people get evacuated along with the property. The integration of the IoT project will detect the flood beforehand and will notify the administration along with people. 

You will require sensors to sense the humidity, rainfall, and water level in the water bodies to predict a flood. The integrated Wi-Fi will send the data to users. The best thing is IoT; you can access data from around the globe. You can develop a robust app to track fluid.

19. IoT Wheelchair Fall Detection System

IoT Wheelchair Fall Detection System

Disabled people are always exposed to falls and injuries due to wheelchair falling. But this IoT-based wheelchair falling detection will always save the handicapped to save themselves. Older adults can benefit, as their caretaker will also know about their movement. 

The IoT-based project will include a microcontroller and sensors to sense the level and unusual movement of the wheelchair. When the Wheelchair moves, the sensors send data to the user using Wi-Fi modules. It can also include a GSM module to send SMS alerts to users. You will also need gyro sensors and accelerometers to get notified even about any type of jerk.

20. Smart IoT Anti Theft System

Smart IoT Anti Theft System

This IoT-based anti-theft system will give priority to security. You can use it in residential and commercial spaces; it senses intruders and sends automatic alerts to the owners who are not in the house. To create this IoT-based anti-theft system, you will need Piezo sensors first. This will help you sense all the movements.

You can use an IoT-based Gecko platform to create a UI and app. Apart from that, you will also need a surveillance camera to monitor your smartphone. The Microcontroller sends the data to users, and you can send alerts to cops as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 IoT devices for 2022?

Smart locks, Air pollution monitors, and mobile robots are some of the most significant IoT projects you can find. Apart from that, all the IoT projects mentioned above are also attention-worthy.

How can I make a simple IoT project?

Making a simple IoT project demands several things to be done. You need to understand your big project first. You should also analyze how it can benefit others. Then you must choose a robust technical lead. After that, phase the project, and test it. Then if you wish to work in a team, you need to choose a team.

What is the best example of IoT things?

The best example of IoT things that you can find these days is cars, refrigerators, smart TVs, etc. Many other appliances have embedded sensors in them to connect with other objects.

What are the types of IoT?

There are usually three types of IoT that you can find. It includes Consumer-centric IoT devices designed for business consumers, enterprise-centric IoT devices, and Industry-centric IoT devices.

What are some of the coolest IoT projects for now?

Some cool IoT projects invented in recent times are smart agricultural systems, Weather reporting systems, Home automation systems, face recognition bots, smart doors, air pollution monitoring devices, and many more.

How can I get started with the IoT project?

If you wish to work on an IoT project, you must determine the hardware type you wish to use first. After that, you need to choose the precise networking that can empower you is critical. You should also know the benefit of choosing the IoT project you are working on.

How do I learn about IoT from scratch?

If you wish to learn about IoT from scratch, you need in-depth knowledge about sensors. You also need to understand the user interface. If you are a programmer, it is well and good. However, you need to be skillful in JavaScript and Python.


Keeping it short, these are the 20 best IoT projects you can work on. All these IoT projects have several examples you can browse on the internet. Apart from these twenty, you can also try several other interesting IoT projects on the internet.

However, choosing the right one is necessary. You would never want to endow your time and efforts in a project that doesn’t offer you results.

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