Oasis Network Bloom Hackathon! Enter Now to Earn $200K in Awards and Engage with The Brightest Minds in Crypto

The Oasis Bloom Hackathon welcomes developers worldwide to work on the next generation of DApps for Web3 & beyond! The $200,000 Oasis Bloom Hackathon, with the support of Jump Crypto, Newman Capital, Neo Global Capital, and Hashed will take place on the Devpost platform until May 2, 2022.

There’s never been a better time to get creative. The Hackathon has two major focus areas: DeFi 2.0 and GameFi.

DeFi 2.0 are decentralized protocols that are solving the issues of DeFi 1.0. Typical issues include but are not limited to 1) how to unlock the value of staked funds in the liquidity pools; 2) how to mitigate risks of impermanent loss; 3) how to develop self-repaying loans; 4) how to develop smart contract insurance.

GameFi and play-to-earn (P2E) games create distinct models that balance gaming enjoyment with financial rewards. For example, games can be designed to incentivize you for achievements such as winning tournaments or specific battles between characters, trading digital property, or in-game marketplace trading.

Learn more about the Oasis Bloom Hackathon announcement here.

Emerald ParaTime: Why Oasis Network is Perfect for GameFi and DeFi

Why build on Oasis?

Emerald, The EVM Compatible ParaTime is now live on the Oasis Network. Emerald ParaTime brings multiple features and capabilities to the Oasis Network, including easy migration with other EVM-based DApps and launching DeFi services. From DeFi to NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto gaming, the Emerald ParaTime supports seamless integration and core support for DeFi and GameFi projects.  

As the official EVM compatible ParaTime on the Oasis Network, Emerald enables:

  • Easy integration with EVM-based DApps in DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and crypto gaming
  • Cross-chain bridge enabling cross-chain interoperability/multichain functionality
  • Scalability — fast transaction times
  • Low-cost (99%+ lower fees than Ethereum)

With Cipher ParaTime expected to launch in Q2 2022, confidential smart contracts will be functional on the Oasis Network, supercharging additional DeFi and GameFi activity.

Read Messari’s Oasis report here.

Oasis Hackathon Community Events

Oasis offers network support to all participants through several events where attendees engage with developers for productive project building.

The events include: 

  • Find a Team — Join forces with like-minded people to build the future of Web3!
  • Office Hours — Our developers can help build your blockchain skills with assurance and confidence.
  • Hackathon Telegram AMA — Want to know more about the Oasis Bloom Hackathon? Interact with team members to learn more.
  • Project Ideas Pitch Night — Pitch your idea and get feedback from our experts in real-time. You can also win $2K ROSE rewards!
  • DEFI 2.0: Trends & Project Ideas — What’s next for DeFi 2.0? Let’s engage in a bright discussion!
  • P2E Gaming: Trends & Project ideas — Join other like-minded gamers and industry experts to discuss the latest P2E games.
  • Office Hours 2— Enter a live Q&A session with leading crypto developers and have all your questions answered!

To learn more about the full schedule of Oasis Bloom events and dates, click here.

How to Enter: Submissions are Still Open!

To get started, visit the Bloom Hackathon page and submit your application by May 2, 2022, 5 PM EST.  

To submit a project: 

  • Must be built on Oasis Emerald, the EVM Compatible Paratime
  • A pitch deck including a description of what your project does and why you decided to build it
  • Demo video up to 3 minutes long
  • Access to your working application or Github code repository & try-out product link: DApp needs to work end-to-end on Oasis Emerald, the EVM Compatible Paratime testnet or mainnet. Provide a URL to the code repository and provide access by making it public or sharing access with [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Complete submission form by the final deadline

Enjoy the Support of a Flagship Layer-1 Blockchain

The Oasis Bloom Hackathon provides an avenue for ingenuity, industry support, and exclusive perks. Developers will:

  1. Have a chance of winning $200,000 in prizes
  2. Receive support from world-class Oasis engineers, and 
  3. Receive exclusive perks like NFTs for participation (every eligible participant will receive an exclusive NFT and an MBuddy blockchain identity badge on MetaMirror).
  4. Access to the $200 Million Ecosystem Fund

Join us at the Oasis Bloom Hackathon to make your mark on this fantastic event. We’re seeking innovative thinkers and creative minds who want their voices heard!

What are you waiting for? Get inspired by interacting with our team members today.

To get started, visit the Bloom Hackathon page and submit your application by May 2, 2022. 

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