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Grab Ubuntu stickers from UnixStickers

Ubuntu stickers online

UnixStickers – one of the largest geek merchandise providers have a recently made partnership with Canonical to provide Ubuntu swag. You can get lots of geeky kinds of stuff such as stickers, mugs, t-shirts, and hoodies. UnixStickers are currently among…

Getting started with RethinkDB

Node and Rethink banner

RethinkDB is open source document based database system designed for developing real-time application. RethinkDB revolutionise the way data flows in real-time application. Generally, in order to know the changes in data we do check the database by performing polling in…

Nodejs monitoring using PM2

Nodejs monitoring

Nodejs monitoring in production server is very important and critical part in overall Nodejs application development. Unlike staging or development scenario, if anything goes wrong in production server it directly affects the end-user and most importantly your client. In this…

JSON API validation in nodejs

is your payload valid

Building REST APIs comes with many challenges and one of them is making sure that incoming payload from client is valid and is in proper format before sending it to proper processing or doing some high cost operation such as…