Aneesha S

Aneesha S

$pop Operator in MongoDB: Basic Guide

Pop Operator Featured Image

You may heard about the JavaScript pop() method used to pop or remove elements from an array. Similarly, MongoDB has a $pop operator that provides similar functionality of removing an element from an array.  But, there is a catch here,…

Import Data into MongoDB with mongoimport

Import Data Into MongoDB With Mongoimport

Importing is a feature that most databases and language frameworks provide. This is done to make data exported from other sources usable in different forms by other programs, applications, or languages. In MongoDB, we can import data from a variety…

MongoDB $nor Operator – A Brief Overview

MongoDB $nor Operator

You know many operators that can be used to filter the selection criteria of documents from a MongoDB collection. Those operators return documents that meet specified parameters. What if we want to exclude certain criteria? Well, MongoDB has various operators…

$gt and $lt Operators in MongoDB: Basic Guide

Gt And Lt Operators Featured Image

People are usually confused about which to choose MongoDB or MySQL. Well, here is the moment of truth. MongoDB provides us with so many useful operators that you can perform any type of action using them. Whether it is extremely…