Aneesha S

Aneesha S

MongoDB Aggregation: Select Count & Group By

Mongodb Count Group Select Featured Image

MongoDB aggregation allows developers to perform complex operations while working with data stored inside a collection of a MongoDB database. One of the operations is the “group by” operation, i.e. $group, which is used to group documents based on the…

Sharding in MongoDB: Explained in Detail

Sharding In MongoDB Featured Image

In this tutorial, we will learn about sharding in MongoDB. It is time we learn an intermediate-level topic. Sharding in MongoDB is one such topic. Now, sharding in layman’s terms means that mechanism that stores data on multiple machines. This…

Error Testing Smart Contract in Solidity Ethereum

Error Testing Smart Contracts Featured Image

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to perform error testing for your smart contract in Solidity. Error testing is a crucial aspect of development especially when it comes to blockchain development. Unlike development using other technologies, blockchain technology…

findOneAndUpdate() and findAndModify() in MongoDB

FindOneAndUpdate And FindAndModify Featured Image

A MongoDB database has multiple collections. These collections can store millions of documents(data in MongoDB is called a document). MongoDB has various methods to fetch the documents from a collection such as find(), findOne(), findOneAndUpdate(), etc. We already have covered…