How to add Modules in Breach browser

Breach browser built on module basis, you can create your own module and add into it, so it is fully customize for geeks who want to use and build their own browsers. I have already covered the installation part of Breach so i am sure you have breach up and running. To make it work you are going to need these important modules.

  1. mod_stats
  2. mod_strip
  3. mod_newtab

To add them into breach righ click anywhere on breach browser and from popup menu click “configure modules“. You may be able to see this screen after that.

Module Screen

to add mod_stats module type


and click on install. Wait for it, it will fetch code from Github and Install it. Similarly do ti for mod_strip and mod_newtab.

You can add more modules into breach browser. Let me show you an example to add clock module into breach. After this it will look like this.
Screenshot from 2014-11-19 10:10:28
To add it copy and paste following lines into Install module text box.


Once done it will be download it and you may see the status as Installing as shown below.

Installing ModuleYou may be able to see clock on new tab page after this. Hope you like this article. Share it if it worth.



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