How to create your own NFT in 5 steps

NFT’s or Non-fungible tokens are booming in the digital assets market. Artists and designers are getting paid millions of dollars for their artwork. This is huge for a community that has been struggling to get the real worth of its artwork. Almost every artist at least had faced copyright infringement issues once in their career and NFT’s really solved this problem. NFT’s don’t just share the artwork of the artists but also maintains the ownership record in the blockchain thus providing a sense of relief and immutable and traceable ownership history for particular items.

In this article, I am going to list 5 simple steps that you can follow to mint your own NFT.

Step 1: Identify the art or digital item to Mint your NFT

The first thing you need to do is to identify the digital item. NFT’s can be minted for any digital goods. You need to first pick the item to mint as NFT.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s use this image to mint as NFT.

How to create NFT in 5 steps

Step 2: Install Metamask Wallet

You need a few Ethereum cryptocurrencies to mint your NFT. To store crypto we use something called Wallet. There is a very famous and widely used browser-based wallet called Metamask.
How to mint NFT in 5 steps
Head over to the website and install the Metamask extension in your browser.

Just, create a new account in the Metamask and follow the next step.

Step 3: Choose a marketplace

Now, we have a digital art that we want to mint as an NFT and Ethereum wallet setup in Metamask. Let’s choose an NFT marketplace and mint our NFT. There are multiple options such as Opensea, Mintable, and more. For this article, we are going to mint our NFT in Opensea.

Head over to and create your own account.

How to Mint NFT in 5 simple steps

Use your Metamask wallet to perform the authentication.

Once you are authenticated, we can finally mint our NFT.

Step 4: Mint your NFT

It’s time to mint your NFT. First, create a collection in Opensea and give it a proper name.

Now, click on Add items and upload the art, give it the proper name and description. Click on create button to mint the NFT.

Mint NFT

Awesome, your NFT is minted. You can check it here.

Step 5: Sell your NFT

Now that we are done with the creation of NFT, you can proceed ahead and sell it. Opensea provides you the platform to do it. Click on the sell button and set the proper price.
How to create NFT in 5 steps
However, this is not it. You need to market your NFT to get potential buyers interested in your project. I recommend using Facebook and Twitter ads to target the audience.

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