Announcing Our New Book – Mastering RethinkDB

RethinkDB is open source, distributed, NoSQL database made for real time web application. We love RethinkDB and our book “Mastering RethinkDB” is the little contribution to the project. We have also covered various topics related to RethinkDB in our tutorials.

Today I am proud to announce the release of our newly published book. In this, we tried to go deep down to the architecture of RethinkDB, it’s amazing query language and most importantly changefeed and much more.

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Most of you probably know that we have already published one book before this, it was related to Sails.js. We learned a lot from the experience and tried to improve as much as we can.

Whom this book is for

As the title implies, this book focuses on users who wants to learn the RethinkDB in mastering level. What that means is, you must know the basics of RethinkDB before buying this book. The basics include installation, running the basic query and so on.

What this book covers

This book covers 10 chapters in 314 pages. It covers information ranging from theoretical concepts to writing code to develop the application. Hence, you will get complete feel and knowledge of architecture, concepts along with using it in a practical environment.

Check out the cover of the book.

Mastering RethinkDB

Let me walk you through the chapters of the book.

  • The RethinkDB Data Model.
  • The ReQL query language.
  • Data Exploration using RethinkDB.
  • Performance tuning in RethinkDB.
  • Administration and troubleshooting task in RethinkDB.
  • RethinkDB deployment.
  • Extending RethinKDB.
  • Full Stack Development with RethinkDB.
  • Polyglot Persistence using RethinkDB.
  • Using RethinkDB and Horizon.

Let me give brief details on each chapter.

The RethinkDB Data Model

This chapter contains lots of information about RethinkDB architecture and data modeling. It also covers about Atomicity, data modeling and relationship and a brief overview of RethinkDB query language.

The ReQL query language

RethinkDB query language or ReQL, in short, is a very important aspect of RethinkDB. This chapter explains lots of ReQL methods and API’s. This chapter also covers the very famous feature of RethinkDB – changefeed.

Data Exploration using RethinkDB

This chapter deals with practical use cases where we can use some of the amazing ReQL methods such calling HTTP API’s directly from the database to load tons of data in the database or importing it from a file and running a various query to explore the data.

Performance tuning in RethinkDB

RethinkDB has amazing administration feature and this chapter covers all of them such as Clustering, Replication, Sharding, Failover.

We are also covering tips and tricks to improve the performance of the query in RethinkDB.

Administration and troubleshooting task in RethinkDB

We covered all performance related tasks in this chapter, it covers every administrative task such as Backup, permissions, crash recovery etc.

RethinkDB deployment

This chapter covers all information about deployment ranging from deploying to a standalone server to PaaS services such as Amazon.

This chapter also covers deployment using Docker.

Extending RethinKDB

This was my favorite chapter while writing this book. This chapter covers how easily you can hook up other amazing tools such as ElasticSearch for enhanced search, RabbitMQ for messaging with RethinkDB.

Full Stack Development with RethinkDB

This chapter is all about coding. This chapter covers the application development using JavaScript stack.

Polyglot Persistence using RethinkDB

Polyglot persistence is the hot topic in database zone. This concept introduces different nature of databases working together and synced with each other. This chapter explains and demonstrates how RethinkDB can be so much helpful to develop Polyglot Persistence application.

Using RethinkDB and Horizon

Horizon is RethinkDB supported framework where you can write complete web/mobile application without writing any backend code. It’s very similar to Meteor but different in architecture and philosophy.

Why You Should Purchase It

If you are a backend developer, database architect or anyone who like to learn RethinkDB in depth then I guarantee you the money you spent to purchase it will add lots of value in your knowledge and career.

Final Words

I hope you like our work presented in this book. I am always open to critic and feedback and would love if you can provide some feedback on this book. Please reach me via comments or email ( [email protected] ).


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