How are Casino Games Coded and Programmed

The revolution in high-speed internet, mobile access, and web technologies have helped create a global boom in online gambling. The worldwide internet gaming industry is now worth a massive $70 billion – and it is still growing rapidly.

This online casino world has become one of the most profitable parts of the web. That’s why more and more casinos are joining the action – and why more and more exciting new games are being added all the time. More people across the world are now opting to play casino games online. For example, players in New Zealand are now opting to play online, using one of many reputable NZ casino providers available to play their favorite casino games.

At the heart of the international online gaming boom is a sophisticated use of coding and design. Behind every new casino site and game is a huge array of highly skilled progressive coding technology.

Coding of casino games

The coding involved in online gambling can be one of the toughest tasks for web developers. Any new casino site or game has to be thoroughly tested and bug-free before being released to a very demanding gaming audience.

With this in mind, there are six key factors for web coders and developers to consider when working on new casino sites and games.

Create a NEW design

Any developer may be tempted to copy an existing successful design from a rival site. But the online gaming market is so busy now and the competition so fierce that a tactic like that is doomed to failure.

New arrivals simply have to be smarter and offer something new to the existing offerings. A site needs to be different and create its own style to attract its own new audience.

The new site needs to have all the user-friendly features of the best existing sites – and it needs to be designed to look and feel different to the rivals too.

This means that there’s no short cut. The web development will be a major creative process, involving building a new site and identity from scratch.


Use a random number generator

Random Number Generator technology, or RNG, has been crucial to much of the boom in online gambling. Developers have already mastered the coding required to use RNG to make gaming sites.

The complexity starts, however, when site builders need to take account of different regulations across the world concerning the use of RNG in online casinos.

Every different regulatory authority has different requirements for the coding. This can mean different countries requiring their own systems and sometimes these can even be different on a state-by-state basis.

Sites that operate in different regions will need to use different versions of RNG coding as required. One small contravention of the rules could harm the position of the entire online casino.

Make it fair

Striking the right balance between customers winning and the casino profit margin is obviously vital. Any online gaming business has to keep its players happy – while also making enough money to make the venture worthwhile.

Coders and web developers will be heavily involved with setting these parameters. They are usually constantly monitors and adjusted as the site grows.

Remove bugs

Reviews of online sites are full of reports of games that crash. It’s one of the most annoying features of any online casino, so users are very quick to make a public report.

Any game that frequently crashes or even has clunky operation will deter clients. A simple bug can ruin the prospects of a whole new online casino site.

Gamers using their money on a site want to feel secure about its operation. Any doubts will repel them.

One crash could mean huge hassle and perhaps even losses for a client. They won’t hesitate to tell the gaming world via social media.

If that’s not enough reason to pounce on the slightest hint of any bug in the system, there’s another: hackers and cheats may be able to exploit any flaws in the coding. They could use a bug to actually make illegal gains at your expense.

Be mobile

Previously a mobile app would be added to any web-based operation as an extra, later in the day. It wasn’t considered as important as a desktop site.

The process of developing a mobile app might even have been thought of as an unnecessary additional cost.

And some were released hastily and have bad reviews on app stores because their release was scarred by teething bugs. But for gamers mobile app play is becoming more and more important.

For coders today the mobile version of a new site or game is as important than the desktop version, if not more so.

Mobile App

Stay legal

All the technical coding expertise in the world won’t help an online casino site that falls foul of laws and regulations. Any operation that appears to be dishonest or disreputable could have its name, reputation and attractiveness ruined forever.

Basic steps towards due diligence include checking whether any operation has the correct license in all the countries it is targeting. It is worth checking these regulations with expert legal advice before the expensive and time-consuming process of coding begins.

In conclusion, the online gambling industry and its rapid expansion has been built on the skills of site coders and web developers. The pressure to get it right, however, means these technical details are now vital.

Players’ money is at stake and the reputation of any site is dependent on the look, feel and security of its operation. Get the coding perfect and the sky is the limit. Get it wrong and the site may sink without trace.

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Pankaj Kumar
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