Breach – Browser for hackers is coming soon !

Github is already building hackable editor for programmer’s and hackers around globe with project name as Atom, one new tool is in list now, breach – a browser for the hackers.

Since the release of v8 JavaScript engine and chrome browser, programmers got very charming opportnity to build something scalable, fast and hackable (easy to modify or add some new feature by individual).

“Breach” – A browser for the HTML5 era is also built upon chromium engine but in different way. Unlike using v8 as it’s core component to compile JS code into machine code, they have divided the structure of the browser into layers.

Layer 1: Front end layer.

The user interface of browser is purely written of HTML and JS and can be accessbile thorugh API. I think this is first time when any web application which is about to release as browser uses native HTML and JS as their front-end language. Pretty cool.

Layer 2: V8 and chromium layer.

Breach runs over on v8 JavaScript engine and uses Chromium open source API to provide secure and consistent browsing experience to user. Security and Performance is one of the key design criteria of “breach” browser project.

Layer 3: Node.js layer.

Event driven programming is fast, scalable and async and when there is question to use all at once, nothing but Node.js is answer. They run each module of breach as a process and let them communicate through IPC.

“Breach” is still in development stage and available for Linux and Mac. You need Node.js installed in your system in order to run it. If you have skills and passion to contribute to make “breach” better you can fork them at Github and help them to stand as browser for hackers…forever.


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