Snigdha Keshariya

Snigdha Keshariya

JavaScript Array some() Method

Some() In Js

The some() method in JavaScript checks if at least one element in an array passes a test provided by a function. It iterates through each element of the array, applies the test function, and returns a Boolean value indicating whether…

Is Node.js Frontend or Backend?

Frontend Vs Backend In Node Js

In web development, Node.js provides us with a runtime environment such that we can run JavaScript codes outside the web browser. It follows a non-blocking and event-driven architecture. Now the question is, is Node.js frontend or backend-oriented? Is Node.js Frontend…

JavaScript Array find() Method

Javascript Find Method

The find() method returns the first element that passes the given test function. This function does not execute for null elements and returns undefined if elements fail to pass the test case. In this tutorial, along with the find() method, we…

Understanding numpy.hypot() in Python

Calculating Euclidean Distance In Python

Have you ever needed to find the distance between two points in space? In this guide, we will solve this problem using the NumPy hypot() function. By using hypot, we can accurately measure the straight-line distance between two points in…