Node v4.0.0 is Stable and ready to use.

Node V4.0.0 is released for public use which includes merging io.js codebase and upgrading v8 version as a major change. Node 4.0.0 contains ES6 features such as classes, generators, promises as a ready to use for production. Here are some bullet points from this update.

Merge with io.js.

We know that io.js was released as a fork of Node and that caused some problem in Node world; However it is resolved and in this version both the codebase ( NodeJS and ioJS ) is now merged.

Upgrade to latest V8 engine.

Node v4.0.0 is shipped with V8 v4.5 which is V8 engine running in latest V8 engine. This is one of the reason of io.js fork that Node maintainers were using old version of V8 and not keeping it up to date.

ES6 features.

ECMA Script 6 contains some revolutionary features which will be game changer. Latest V8 already shipped those features to Chrome and now Node as well. With Node V4.0.0 you will be able to use.

  • Classes.
  • Block scoping ( let,const )
  • Generators.
  • Promises.
  • Collections.
  • Typed arrays.
  • Arrow functions.

Update to latest Node.

Refer to this article to update Node to any version and switch it back and forth.

To read complete changes and commits details please refer to official Node announcement blog.

Will soon write tutorials on each ES6 features of Node. Stay tuned and subscribe to use to get delivered those tutorials in your inbox !


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