If you are a small business owner, the past four months would probably have been an absolute nightmare for you. Hopefully, with most parts of the country beginning to open up slowly and cautiously, you might have started to have a fair bit of revenue generation happening again. But surely, in these four months, you must have done enough of self-introspection to realize what exactly you have lacked as opposed to an established medium or large-scale enterprise – an online store. And surely, having spent much more time on WhatsApp instead of Tally, you must have wondered if there could be a way to do business over WhatsApp. Guess what? It’s happening already! Providing the ability to create a WhatsApp store, WhatsHash, has helped over 5000 clients spanning across 30+ countries, enabling them to achieve cumulative engagement with over 20 million customers.

In case you are wondering what advantages you stand to gain through having a WhatsApp Store, read on to know.

Your business goes mobile

Big companies invest a considerable amount of resources (at least $500 to create it and then on a technical expert to manage it) in setting up Mobile applications that have an e-store feature.
However, the WhatsHash Store, based on WhatsApp, can be set up for only $ 29.99 per month. You can set up the store-branded with your logo, business name, and a brief business description. Thus, even small businesses with a limited budget can set up their e-stores.

Also, if you are a small shopkeeper or a budding entrepreneur who manufactures a product on a tiny scale from home, you would have an e-store. Thus, the WhatsHash Store levels the playing field for established brands and small and upcoming businesses when it comes to competing on a digital platform, especially in local markets.

Benefits for Small Businesses

The following are the benefits that the WhatsHash Store provides to small businesses:

  • WhatsHash Store allows you to easily manage a product catalog by quickly upload the products in bulk. Thus, even without an in-house tech team, a business can set up an online store and manage it.
  • Helps set product prices in local currency
  • Generates Order Receipt on WhatsApp which can be provided to the customer as a permanent electronic record of their orders
  • Generates reports and analyses of customer order data, which can help you make various business decisions. Thus, even without recruiting an analyst, you can make sense of your transaction data, which can be of significant help in streamlining your business operations.
  • Provides a convenient shopping experience to customers
  • Being able to access the entire product range conveniently means customers purchase more items
  • Helps in improving customer service quality and hence builds loyalty among customers.

Shopping made Easy for Customers

You don’t need anyone to tell you how easy to use WhatsApp is when it comes to chatting. Now imagine extending this privilege to your customers for their shopping. Customers can place product requests and ask for product information over the WhatsApp Store’ chat feature; they can also put complaints regarding products and share details regarding product malfunctioning very easily through pics. Also, you can use the feature to help customers stay updated regarding product delivery status.

Customers who are using WhatsHash:

Why WhatsApp Stores would help small businesses adapt to the New Normal

When most physical stores were shut down during the lockdown phase, the WhatsApp Store by WhatsHash enabled hundreds of small businesses to continue their retail operations over a digital platform. While the economy might have opened up to some extent, and eventually, we can expect things to normalize over few months, the habits formed in the lockdown phase will stick, mainly because many people have experienced the convenience of online shopping. Also, while physical stores have begun to be operational, people still prefer to stay at home, for the most part, knowing that Coronavirus is still out there. As a result, people will rely more on online platforms to help with their shopping requirements, not just until we manage to find a medicine or vaccine for the virus, but even after it.

Small businesses must build a digital presence because the large ones who they compete against already do. And WhatsHash allows you to do just that – it erases the cost barriers involved in setting up and maintaining an online store.