Any proper software development starts with planning. You must have a clear understanding of what the end product should look like and plan every step carefully to get there.

The most important thing is to create bug-free software. Bear in mind that casino games often involve playing with six-figure sums of real money. On the one hand, players don’t want to experience a crash when they hit the jackpot playing slots or when they are sitting with a Royal Flush on their hands in a poker game. On the other hand, casino operators don’t want to have bugs or glitches in their software which can be exploited by players.

Also, you don’t want to be seen in coding games for a sketchy company. You should check if the online casino you plan to work with is licensed and recommended by trusted sources like Solicitors Guru or local gambling authority website. If the casino in question holds a license, then you are good to go.

The next step is to come up with good game design. In 2019 the iGaming market is flooded with thousands of games. Working harder is not enough anymore. You must work smarter! It is incredibly challenging to come up with a unique game that players will like. Even if you do, you shouldn’t blindly believe in it.

It is better to make a demo version and show it to a focus group as a test. If your budget is limited, you can always ask people you know to help you out with testing. Alternatively, go to gambling forums in search of players who don’t mind trying out your game.

You can also choose a safer approach to finding an idea for a new game. Research the latest trends, find a game that is popular with the audience right now and try to put a fresh spin on it. Make a few tweaks and improvements to create a better version of the game. It may become a success.

Visuals are also important. Even cheap hardware owned by the majority of users is very capable nowadays. So, your game must look good. Don’t forget about smooth animations and optimization. If your software doesn’t run well on a low budget PC or laptop, consider re-thinking your approach.

Finally, every game needs a random number generator. Coding RNG is simple, but you need to keep a few things in mind creating it for a casino game:

  • Government rules and regulations
  • Acceptable level of hit frequency

The first one is important for obvious reasons. Most governments are pushing hard for responsible gambling regulations. So, many gambling operators are obligated to work harder to please and safeguard their player base.

The second one is important because no one will want to continue playing a game that is near impossible to beat. A player needs to feel that there is a fair chance for them gaining more money than they deposited.

Those are the key considerations you need to keep in mind when developing iGaming software. Global gambling market is expected to reach $495 bln by the end of 2019. It means that there are a lot of new opportunities for game developers out there as iGaming industry keeps growing fast. It is time to grab one!