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I am Shahid Shaikh, creator of Codeforgeek platform and and author of (almost) all the tutorials, tips, reviews published on this website.

I am an engineer, published author, speaker and product developer. My mission for Codeforgeek platform is to provide high quality programming content which delivers value to my readers.

This is a picture of me taken at Microsoft’s event about Internet of things using Azure where I presented a talk on using real time databases with IOT for instance updates.

Shahid Shaikh at Microsoft's event

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We have created an amazing platform of knowledge exchange. Like you, millions of readers across the world visits this website and upgrade their skills to get a better job, generate more revenue with their work or just learn something new, hence adding value to their skills.

We are a firm believer in open web movement and claim that internet content should completely focus on value not money earn via advertise. As of now, advertisement using Google Adsense is the major source of the earning for this platform to pay hosting, backups and domain fees.

But to tackle that, we launched a Pro version of the Codeforgeek with monthly subscription fee and asked our readers to pay us 5$ a month to go Ad free all across the site.

In exchange for their 5$, we provide high quality tutorials, free Ebooks, custom newsletter, chat support for debugging etc. Surprisingly, as of now 124 (and counting) readers became pro members.

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Here is the list of top 10 most popular tutorial of our blog.

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  10. Continuous Integration Using Jenkins

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