The biggest online gambling supplier in the world, Playtech’s success has been remarkable since they were founded in 1999. Registered on the London Stock Exchange market, Playtech’s aim from the very beginning was to continually develop the best betting, gaming products, and services. Well, they’ve nailed it so far.

Playtech’s products have the ability to be fully integrated into a cross-platform offering, which enables gamers – their main target audience – to access online, mobile and broadcast gaming terminals, all via one account.

Playtech’s clear growth in this space has enabled them to partner with highly reputable online operators and other brands from the entertainment industry, with the aim is to upgrade their game content and offer more diversity and variation to the games.

With Playtech making moves in this area, we thought we’d go through some the software and technology they provide which gives gamers the best experience in the business.


Powering the entire product portfolio and providing a set of tools which helps towards running a successful business, the Playtech Information Management Solution (IMS) is a vital cog in Playtech’s wheel.

The system enables users to maximize their cross-selling potential and optimize marketing spends, with it also being able to integrate third-party content due to it being an open platform. The key aspect to the IMS is that gamers can play all games across all platforms using one single account.


Perhaps not as complicated as other aspects of their operation and certainly not as technical as some of the coding requirements Playtech need, the virtual casino gaming department does exactly what it says on the tin, really – it offers an excellent gaming experience thanks to Playtech’s cutting edge technology and high-quality casino games.

More than 50 games are released every year, with the company also securing exciting partnerships through licensing agreements with well known brands such as Marvel and HBO.


With the huge growth in the mobile gaming industry, in 2012, Playtech introduced the Mobile Hub developed in collaboration with Mobenga. This Hub is an open framework that enables the integration of content. Also delivering a high-quality experience on a wide range of mobile devices for casino games and betting in sport, this collaboration was a huge factor in Playtech’s success and demonstrates their growth further.

With evident progress being made, will VR gaming be available at Mansion Casino? It’s impossible to know, but The Mobile Hub is an excellent development in what promises to be an exciting future for Playtech, enabling gambling operators to integrate mobile gaming/betting software and content, via standard API’s.


Supporting both land-based and online platforms, the sportsbook functions without any issues across online, mobile, tele betting channels and SSBT. Developed by Playtech’s subsidiary, the UK-based Geneity Limited, it is the very best in sports betting technology.


Deployed on the iPoker network, the poker rooms Playtech provide are second none, with more than 35,000 players gaming at peak time.

Live games

Live gaming is a relatively new phenomenon, providing an authentic online gaming experience with its live dealer platform. All in real-time, high-quality cameras broadcast the games in HD.

Social gaming

Playtech provides borderless social gaming, with gamers being able to share their gaming experience via social channels. The social gaming products are fully customizable and enable a wide range of marketing features, with the products also available in seven languages to cater to as many players around the world as possible.
There you have it! That is just some of the technology and software behind this major player’s growth.