Welcome to my resources page. This page intends to show you some of the best tools available for writing code, deploying/managing it and managing blog like ours. Some of the tools I am personally using to handle this blog while some are provided to me by my company (Yes I do full-time Engineering job).

Before diving in I would recommend you to bookmark this page for future reference.

Writing code

I personally tried and tested almost every editor out there (Including premium one too, except I didn’t pay for it ;)) and the only Editor I Stuck for more than one and half year till now is the Visual studio code editor

VSCode is an open source project by Microsoft team. You can customize the editor using configuration and there are tons of extensions to improve your workflow. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot.

If you are already using it, check out our must-have packages for VSCode editor article.

I use Terminator as my go-to terminal. It provides in-built panes system which is a must have for me.

Hosting code

I love Git as a source code management system. provides us the interface and mechanism to host our code for free and share it. I use it on a daily basis and you can check out my Github profile here.

Tip: If you are a CS student or a developer no matter from where you must have Github profile and some piece of good code you have written hosted there. I got so many job opportunities just because my Github profile is good. Maybe something to look at 🙂

If you don’t know how to use it, click here to learn it under 5 minutes!

Code deployment

I professionally use Jenkins and TravisCI as continuous code deployment tool. I have deployed code on major infrastructures such as Amazon, Rackspace etc.

For this blog, I use various Servers host my live demo in order to save up some cost. Here is few of them.

Bluehost: One of the best VPS hosting Service in the current market. I am impressed by their control panel and it is easy to configure. Have been using this once in a while and I can suggest you the same with confidence.

DigitalOcean:As they say, it is built for developers. It really is. It’s minimal, super easy to use and you can create and destroy Servers on the go. Pricing is not bad either.

Tools we use to run Codeforgeek

I use different technologies to make this site run. Initially, we were on Wordpress content management system. We moved our codebase to custom built high performance Node.js Server.

WordPress as headless CMS:

We are using Wordpress to manage content, users and workflow.

Cloudflare as CDN:

We are using Cloudflare enable content delievery network.

Amazon S3 and Cloudfront to server static files and images:

We are using Amazon S3 and cloudfront to serve the images.

BlueHost and DigitalOcean as hosting Service

I am using Bluehost to host code demonstration and DigitalOcean for blogs and forums (Not live now). I am happy with both of the Services and I highly recommend you to use them.

Mailerlite as email service

Emails are a very important tool to keep the real user engaged in your service. I use Mailerlite to send email notifications about the new tutorial, announcement and much more.

If you are not building your email list, I would highly recommend you begin now. I have tried and tested various software and I can assure that Mailerlite is the one you always going to need. It has tons of feature in very reasonable price.

That’s all we use to run and manage our blog.

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliates and I will earn few bucks if you sign-up or buy the service. This helps us to provide you high-quality content for free.