One of the most important considerations for any online business is ensuring that their website is user-friendly and appealing to visitors.

While the experience may vary based on which sector a company operates in, the ultimate target is to ensure that the consumer enjoys repeated positive engagements with the site.

For instance, online casino India operators will aim to ensure that the user plays games on their site for as long as possible.

They will use a variety of design techniques to achieve this, all of which have the ultimate goal of maximizing their return from their financial outlay of developing the site.

Read on as we look at some of the innovative ways online businesses design their websites to attract more visitors.

Design through prototyping tools

Bringing a client’s vision to life is not an easy task, but prototyping tools take a lot of the stress out of the process for website developers.

They allow UI/UX designers to liaise with customers through every step of the process, giving each party the opportunity to bounce ideas off the other.

There are numerous different prototyping tools on the market, including InVision, Adobe Experience Design, WebSketch, and Principle.

Each has different features that give designers the chance to develop mock-ups of the website as it is being built to ensure the business is satisfied with what is being created.

Researching keywords

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For any online business, it is imperative that people are able to find their website when they are searching online.

Understanding what the different keywords and phrases people search for is a vital component of the website development process.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing give precedence to sites that contain relevant and authoritative content that users wish to engage with.

Keyword research gives developers a true insight into the type of website content and SEO approach that will attract visitors to a site time-after-time.

Focused blog content

Studies by technology experts have shown that sites that include a blog section attract far more visitors than those that do not.

Many businesses use this ‘stealth marketing’ approach to drive additional traffic to their site with a view to increasing engagement and sales.

Sites with blogs have significantly more indexed pages than those without, thus helping them climb the ladder across the various search engines.

It is important for businesses to ensure that they have the resources to create new blog content on an ongoing basis, thus maintaining their SEO ranking.

Mobile optimisation

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Advancements in smartphone technology have revolutionized the way people access the internet, particularly amongst the younger generation.

When a business is going through the website design process it is hugely important to ensuring that it is fully optimized to work across different mobile platforms.

The site should be responsive and contain all the same features that people would expect to find if they accessed it via desktop or laptop.

Mobile optimization is a great way to ensure that any people who access a site enjoy the experience sufficiently to keep on returning.