Having a secure websites and application is not a good to have feature. It’s must to have feature. As we already know that Google is supporting and ranking websites with SSL better than unprotected sites ( a wise move ). In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use ZeroSSL to install, auto-renew SSL certificates for free.

About ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL Homepage

Here are few features of ZeroSSL:

  1. ZeroSSL is the first real alternative to Let’s Encrypt, offering completely free SSL certificates through an easy-to-use UI and API. We’re launching this in partnership with an existing CA, and are a completely trusted Sub-Authority on our own.
  2. Unlike Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL not only offers an API/ACME, but also an easy-to-use API that allows users to create both 90-day and 1-year validity certificates through an unprecedentedly easy and simple process.
  3. We are also currently testing our own ACME Server in BETA which will be released in May, and allows all existing ACME & Let’s Encrypt Clients to automate certificate issuing through ZeroSSL. We’ll basically be a plug-in alternative to Let’s Encrypt’s ACME.
  4. ZeroSSL offers both single domain, multi-domain and wildcard certificates for free through ACME, and allows users to create 1-year certificates with an affordable subscription plan.
  5. In addition to ACME, ZeroSSL also offer a REST API to issue certificates automatically.
  6. Unlike Let’s Encrypt it allow users to validate domain ownership via email (not just DNS) making it much easier to quickly issue certificates via the UI.

Getting Started with ZeroSSL

Head over to ZeroSSL official website  and create a new account. Once your account is created, you will be redirected to the dashboard screen.

Dashboard Screen

Click on the New Certificate button.

New Certificate

Provide your domain name and check on wildcard certificate if you want the SSL certificate to cover every sub-domain as well.

Now, choose the validity of the domain name. You can select it for 90 days in the free account and 1 year if you are opting for pro account.

Now select the option to finalize the order.

ZeroSSL Plans

Choose the plan and proceed forward. You need to verify the domain ownership in order to proceed. Unlike, Let’s Encrypt we can use e-mail verification to verify our domain.

Domain Verification ZeroSSL

Once the domain name is verified. You can proceed ahead and install the SSL. You can also choose the SSL certificates optimized for your Web Server.



In a nutshell, ZeroSSL is a win win scenario for the webmasters. We don’t have to pay a dollar for certificates that used to cost a ton of money in the past. It’s simple, free and automated so there is no worry about anything. Just install it once, and forget about the SSL certificates at all.