While many people are restricted to staying within their homes because of recent world events, the beauty sector is witnessing more gaming activities.

Nowadays, gaming dominates the mobile app market, whether it’s casino sites that offer their igaming apps and allow you to play the latest games or indie developers creating mobile titles for the Google Play/iTunes store, there are many benefits to choosing an app over using the web-browser version. Even the health and beauty industry has started to turn heads by offering their clientele a mobile service, which players can find and download to their smartphones.

The gaming app named Drest, which was established by Porter editor Lucy Yeomans last year went into beauty collaboration with the makeup artist Mary Greenwell on the 1st day of May.  This collaboration made it possible for the users of Drest to have the leverage to choose their custom digital looks from the available 12 avatars that can get dressed in fashion pieces already. New makeup looks would also be curated by Greenwell, according to seasons. Drest, which is known to challenge people on styling with the latest pieces of fashion daily, went into collaboration with 100 fashion firms immediately after it was established in beta in 2019. From Farfetch, users are allowed to buy things they would dress up the avatars with, through their gamified experience. Currently, the company is partnering with up to 160 other fashion brands. Coming to the area of beauty, Yeomans decided to establish a ‘play first’ feature experience before allowing beauty brands to access the app in its fullness. In the coming months, the app will also come with supermodel features that are the first of its kind in the gaming world, with avatars that could be recognized.

Talking about the project, Yeomans said that they took on fashion first, even though they knew that they would come for beauty later. For her, this signals the next advancement in content. There have been a few sets of people informing enthusiasts about the inn thing, the trends, and the way to achieve the desired style in the world. This has made luxury fashion to look like an exclusive reserve of a few. However, beauty is something many can relate to. Because of the affordable nature of beauty, everybody can take part in it. This way, Drest will become more alluring and inclusive.

Gaming apps have been delving into fashion for a very long time, but not many dared to get into beauty until recently. The product collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Tencent’s ‘Honor of Kings’ mobile game from China, moved a notch higher by delving into other international markets. Kyle Wong, the CEO of Pixlee which is into visual marketing, is hopeful that such breaking of bounds and expansion will happen more.

Speaking about this, he posited that he envisages a situation where many beauty brands are launching animal crossing-themes palettes, while the popularity of the game soars and many celebrities begin to enjoy it. An example is when the entire exchange and the stock market value of the game’s equivalent went viral because Elijah Wood went to another person’s island to market turnips

The esports and gaming research company Newzoo has revealed that the world currently has 2.7 billion gamers, while the estimated revenue to be generated by the global gaining market in 2020 is put at $160 billion, signaling an increase of 7.3% in the year over year growth of the sector.

It would be noted that Drest is actually being motivated by what is found in Covet at the moment. Here, we are referring to its digital dressing model fashion game, though you cannot buy from the app here. Last year saw the launch of another fashion game named Lovelooks, and it focuses on a paper dolls-like form of styling, where points earned by players in the course of the game could be cashed out in the form of real fashion items or products. However, Greenwell and Yeomans refuse to compare Drest to these. Instead, they think it is more like Zynga’s FarmVille.

Yeomans said that she was invited by ten working-class noble friends of hers to take part in the FarmVille game, and the strategy game wowed her. She went ahead to say that Drest requires a team to come out very elegant, for instance, pairing a photographer or a supermodel with a makeup artist. It has not been easy for luxury brands to find breakthroughs in platforms like Snapchat, because the codes of luxury are trampled on by these platforms. But Yeomans says they do understand the code.

Yeomans says instead of bringing in brands quickly, they will rather prefer to continue with trial and errors to see what works and what does not. This is even when Burberry, Gucci, and other brands with popular fashion lines are on the app already.

The link between gaming and fashion is becoming a fierce contest, which shows the untapped opportunities in the beauty sector. Valentino told the world just last week that with animal crossing, it has developed 20 custom women’s and men’s looks that people can download freely. People can also download Drest freely, and when they do, they will enjoy a $10,000 virtual credit. However, users can now buy costlier bundles of looks ranging from $2.99 to $30.99. But the initial download comes with the makeup looks from Greenwell.

With animal crossing, players have no limit to the type and level of customization they can achieve. People can also make fashion statements for their favorite brands with the custom design codes in the game. There is also a social angle to the game because players can chat with each other. It is something they are looking forward to seeing more often – a lot of User Generated Content where more brand mentions are seen in the video games according to Wong.

The UGC tactic is a confirmed one in the beauty world, and to apply it in the arena of games in our present condition, since the competing marketing systems seem not to be sensitive or emotional enough is the most appropriate thing to do at the moment.

People believe in real life that if you fail to come up with the right red lip, then you have actually messed up your look, and Greenwell approves of that. He believes that when things get back to normal, these systems will help people build the confidence to express and experiment more in the beauty sector. It will also teach them how to unveil the looks they actually cherish. However, at the present time, this is still an illusion.