Teamstack is SaaS aiming to manage the access management at one place. Many businesses use Gmail for emails, Slack for chat, Github or Gitlab to manage codebase. Over time, it becomes difficult to manage access for each application. Teamstack solves this problem and provides a unified interface to manage access and identity for each application.

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  • Access rights for all of your application in one place.
  • Choose apps from hundreds of applications such as Gmail, Slack, Github, etc.
  • Enterprise level security.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Password-less login.
  • Browser extension.

And above all, it’s FREE to use.

How to get started

To get started, create your new account in Teamstack. For Codeforgeek readers, Teamstack provides 6 months of a basic plan with all addons. No need to add payment information.

To avail the offer, create a new account by clicking here.

Once you have an account, you can start adding a third party application that you would like to use.

teamstack applications

Audit trails

You can also the audit trail recorded by the Teamstack. You can see it in the control panel section.


Adding users

You can invite your users either by email or import users stored in a CSV file in a bulk. Generally, a large organization uses some sort of employee management software and you can export users from such systems.


Here is the pricing details.

teamstack pricing

However, we have got a basic plan free for you for 6 months. Signup using this link.

Access management is a tough task. Teamstack provides a unified platform to manage all the access of hundreds of applications in one place.