Today we are pleased to announce the new design and branding of Codeforgeek. We came far from a simple single author research blog to the professional website. We have seen our traffic grow from 500 users a day to 5000 users a day and it is growing day by day. This would not have been possible without the awesome readers of Codeforgeek.

Thank you, everyone 🙂

Let’s take a moment and look back to our past designs.

Version 1

This was my first experience in building the WordPress theme. I do not consider myself a designer. Though I tried my best 🙂

Codeforgeek redesign
I coded it from scratch 🙂

Version 2

I am having a tough time finding the screenshot of this version. I used Independent Publisher WordPress theme to power this design. It was clean and simple but somehow limited to cover all of our content.

Version 3

This time I decided to go with boxed layout theme. I asked my friend to help me with a relevant theme and he came up with NewsMag theme. It works well but there was one big issue, it was not full width.

I love the full-width website design, as it covers the majority of the screen and we can use it to provide more content, put some ads etc.

Here is the version 3 screenshot which I am sure most of you are already familiar with.

Codeforgeek redesign

Version 4

I gather all the experience and input from our readers and friends to improve the website design. We came up with following points.

  • Full width responsive
  • Fast loading.
  • Clean and simple.
  • Easy to read.
  • Search enhancement.
  • Smart ad placement.

To do all this, It needed time and effort and I was very busy in writing another Book on RethinkDB and working full time as a Software engineer. Plus, I know I am not good in designing.

So I went ahead and hired an amazing team at 7Span to redesign and rebrand our website. We had a chat on Facebook, few cost negotiations, and bang, we are on board!

They took the time to research, design and developed this version. Just have a look!

codeforgeek redesign

Here is how blog post page looks like.

codeforgeek redesign

It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s the way I wanted and I am sure you will love it too.

We also placed Ads in a smarter way so that User knows what is content and what is ads. We also don’t like ads but that’s the main source of income of this blog.

No more popups

I used to be the strong supporter of not using any popups in your blog such as asking for e-mails to give you some content. Though time flies and I changed my mind and used one in our blog too. I got few feedbacks that it is annoying but since it was converting lots of users to e-mail subscribers, it was tough for me to remove it.

But no more, I am back with the “popups, no more” slogan and will not use it in this design. You may get the alert message if you are using Adblocker in your browser, that is something I must use to get your attention to stop using adblocker on content website likes us who are willing to provide free content.

Enhanced Search

Search is very important factor in any website and I am strong supporter of Ajax based autocomplete search. A few days back, we integrated ElasticSearch with WordPress to improve the relevancy of search. It works very well and the tutorial is coming soon on same.

Recently, I was introduced to Algolia Search Service provider. They are an amazing team working together to build the next generation search system. I had a call with the Algolia people and we got it integrated with our website. Just try to search on the top bar and enjoy the fast, relevant and highlighted search.

Also, the Search page becomes more awesome! Just type some keyword and hit enter.


We put a lot of emphasis on making the content more readable. This includes the style of writing, small paragraphs and of course the fonts. We also worked on code section because the majority of our posts includes code snippet. We also made a demo and download button more bold and big.

What’s next

Providing best programming articles

We are all set to rock 2017 with new goals and checklist. We are going to cover lots of topics now. Some of them would be:

  • Internet of things.
  • Laravel.
  • Django.
  • Ionic mobile app development.
  • React and React native.
  • ElasticSearch.
  • WordPress.
  • Message queues.

And much more.

We are also now open to accept guest posts by awesome programmers around the world. For now, if you any content and would like to publish to our blog, send me an email at shahid[at] [ Will build a system for this later ].


Feedbacks is like oxygen to blogs.

Did you like our new design and changes?

Any improvement?

Please provide us feedback. You can reply to this post or send me an email at shahid[at]