I have been working on this since last two month and it’s finally ready!

Announcing Codeforgeek Pro – Premium membership plan for high-quality content 🙂

The main goal of Codeforgeek is and always been to provide “High-quality content related to programming in practical way”.

But one may ask, what is the return on investment to provide such content? Content creation requires effort, time, presentation, social media management and branding to reach out to maximum people as possible and these things cost money too.

One of the easiest way to earn money besides gambling with slotzo is to display ads from Google Adsense. It worked for some in past and is still working but it’s not enough.

The ad blockers and various economic issues reduced the ads rates which directly affects the creators. It affects us as well plus who likes ads? Probably no one.

So what could possibly be the solution to this problem? Well, a paid membership seems an easy way out. We ask people like you to pay us as little as 5$ a month, close to 60$ a year and will provide high-quality content to you ads free, plus more features as discussed below.

But why not to use adblocker if it’s just to block ads?

This question may arise in your mind.

Well, this is not just about ads or income via Adsense.

It’s about the support! If you support creators like me who are willing to put their time and effort to create content for you then you shouldn’t do the adblocker thing!

How it’s gonna work?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Head to our membership page and choose the plan. It’s 5$ a month or 50$ a year (10$ discount for yearly plan).

In next screen, create your account, give us basic details such as username and email and click on Continue to Checkout button.

The next screen would be the credit card page, add your credit card and click on Submit Payment button.

Full disclosure: We don’t store your credit card information in our database, recurring payment happens using the payment gateway which is in compliance with all security standards.

Once payment is successful, you should receive an email and redirect to the page where you can view your account details.

This is it, from now on you will be able to view all codeforgeek premium articles 🙂

Can I cancel anytime?

Sure, whenever you want 🙂

What else can I expect in Codeforgeek pro

You can expect the following features:

  1. Premium articles written for you only (locked for non members)
  2. Chat based support for any doubts.
  3. No ads all across.
  4. Custom newsletter with tons of resources.
  5. Contribute your work, you can also now write and send your articles to be features in high engaging audience network.

Are you stopping the free articles?

No, free articles will be published as usual.

I hope you guys support me in this initiative and help Codeforgeek grow and create more amazing content. Head to Sign up page and show some love 🙂