Finding good content on your website is really important. The search feature improves user interaction and helps you to build a readership on your website. WordPress uses the default MySQL database to perform a search which is not great. MySQL is not built for search and if you are serious about building an authority website on WordPress then the search is the module you need to pay good attention.

I have already implemented WordPress search with ElasticSearch here. In this article, I am going to use and review the amazing product called ‘WPSOLR’ built for search.

What is WPSOLR

WpSolr is an advanced WordPress search plugin that can work with Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

WPSOLR provides out of the box search solution with the following features:

  • Built-in language, synonyms, stop words.
  • Search filter using checkbox, radio box, sliders, and other UI elements.
  • Unlimited posts search (thousands, millions, hundreds of millions….)
  • Boosting the results.
  • The live suggestion in the search box.
  • SEO friendly.

How WPSOLR Works

WPSOLR works with Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. Assuming you want to index your data in Elasticsearch. In this case, WpSolr plugin will index the data from MySQL database of WordPress to Elasticsearch.

The default WordPress search will be replaced with WPSOLR Search once the data is indexed and search is configured.

Check out this image for graphical representation.

WPSOLR process

How to use WPSOLR plugin

In order to use WPSOLR plugin, you need to have Elasticsearch installed either locally or deploy it on any free server.

You can follow this tutorial to install the ElasticSearch on openshift platform.

Once Elasticsearch is installed. You can install WPSOLR WordPress plugin.

Once the plugin is installed, we need to connect it to our Elasticsearch. Make sure you have an Elasticsearch URL ready.

Open the WPSOLR plugin admin panel.

Index images

Click on “Connect to your Elasticsearch / Apache Solr” button. This will open up another window.

configure results

In this screen, select the “Elasticsearch” from search engine dropdown. Give your index a name, if the index is not created, WPSOLR will create it for you.

Paste the Elasticsearch URL in server host text box and provide the port. You can use the key and secret provided by the WPSOLR.

Once done then click on the button provided at the bottom of the screen.

Now you need to replace the default WordPress search. Go to the results options screen to do that.

replace results

How much it costs?

WPSOLR costs 29 euros a month, or 199 euros a year. However, the team has come up with a coupon for you guys for 15% off on your order. You can use coupon codeforgeek15 on checkout to avail it.

You need to install Solr or Elasticsearch on your server before purchasing the plugin.


There is a search as a service solution that will cost you more than $10,000 for a million records. WPSOLR lets you index and searches as much data as you want on a flat price. This is really amazing and needed for the developer community. Kudos to the team for such an awesome product.